The PEACH® course was developed to train unregistered healthcare staff in basic techniques and skills needed to recognise the deteriorating child. The course is modelled on the similar BEACH® course but focuses solely on assessing and communicating illness in children.

The course provides a structured assessment that participants can use to recognise when a child is unwell and how to articulate their symptoms with confidence.

Course structure
The PEACH® course is based around a simple, illustrated manual that covers basic signs of clinical deterioration, what is appropriate action and when to ask for help. The course is delivered in half a day with a range of interactive tasks and opportunities to ask questions.

Content includes: 

  • How to assess a child using a structured approach
  • How to recognise soft signs of deterioration 
  • Increase your knowledge on childhood illnesses
  • How to communicate your concerns and escalate help quickly to the GP, NHS 111, or ambulance

What participants said: 
“It was a valuable session and gave me the confidence when working with children in the emergency department and when escalating to senior members of the team.” – Stacey Stephen, health care support worker at QA.

“This course is a great way to reassure both medical and non-medical people that they are doing the right thing to care for unwell children. I’d really recommend this course to new parents and people who work with kids.” – Vicki Nightingale, health care support worker at QA.

“The course was delivered professionally and in terms that non-medical people would understand. It has really opened my eyes in how to deal with certain scenarios and I would recommend this course to anyone who looks after children.” – Carly Pinto, mum of two young children.