In 2023 we further strengthened the partnership with the Isle of Wight NHS Trust (IWT) by forming an NHS Group. The Group is not a merger of our Trusts but will enable greater collaboration between our two organisations. By working together, we hope to be able to provide and improve services across our sites allowing our patients to benefit from the knowledge and expertise held in both Trusts.

We have put in place a  leadership structure to enable a focus on joint working to plan for the changes required for clinical and financial sustainability as well as leading day-to-day delivery in each of our Trusts. As a Group, we have an overarching Group Executive Team, supported by dedicated Trust Leadership Teams for both PHU and IWT, each headed by a Chief Officer.  

The Group Executive Team are the Board Directors for both PHU and IWT as we remain two separate statutory organisations. They align the strategic direction and transformation work across our two organisations and together with the Trust Leadership Teams, oversee the delivery of each Trust’s operating plan and strategy. 

The Trust is a clinically-led organisation and we have four clinical divisions: 

  • Clinical Delivery 
    • Clinical engineering 
    • Critical care 
    • Theatres 
    • Anaesthetics 
    • Hospital Sterilisation and Disinfection Unit (HSDU)  
  • Medicine and Urgent Care 
    • Urgent care 
    • Medicine 
    • Older peoples’ medicine  
  • Networked Services 

    • Women and Child services 

    • Renal and transplant 

    • Regional cancer care  

  • Surgery and Outpatients 

    • Surgery 

    • Outpatients 

    • Medical records 

    • Musculoskeletal MSK 

    • Head and neck 

Each division is led by a clinician as divisional director, with overall responsibility for their division. They are supported by a leadership team including an operations director, a nursing/allied health professions director and a Finance Business Partner. Each Division has an operational HR team for day-to-day work and specialist HR support is provided by the Corporate HR Team. 

Each leadership team is accountable for the quality, performance and financial sustainability of their division and responsible for working together across the other divisions to ensure our strategy is delivered and that we sustain further improvements for our patients.