3X9A9704.jpgOur staff are the backbone of our Trust and without them we cannot care for the communities of Portsmouth and South East Hampshire. 

We run a range of recognition schemes where you can nominate the staff caring for you. 

More details are below or you can send a compliment to our teams via our PALs team

If you have a story you would like to share with us and the local community about the lovely care you have received then please contact our communications team. 

Our employee and team of the month scheme recognises our incredible colleagues across PHU that make a difference, and we want to hear from you about all the amazing work that goes on at our Trust every day! Help us recognise the amazing work our staff do each and every day and nominate a colleague or member of staff today.

You can nominate any individual member of staff or a department/ team, as well as honorary contract holders, MOD colleagues (representing the armed forces), and Equans staff (estates, catering, housekeeping and portering), working on PHU sites. Equal consideration will be given to staff working behind the scenes, either in support functions or non-clinical roles and to those who work in the front line.

It’s easy to nominate an individual or a team using our online nomination form which can be found below. Anyone can nominate an individual or team from PHU including members of the public and staff.

It’s easy to nominate an individual or a team using our online nomination form which can be found below. Anyone can nominate an individual or team from PHU including members of the public and staff.

The monthly winner/s are presented with a certificate by the chief executive or another member of the executive team and their photograph will be displayed on the website.

Please nominate via this online form.


Ideas and help with your nomination

Nominations should recognise and reward an individual employee or a team who has made a substantial contribution to the quality of care provided to a patient or colleague or delivered exceptional levels of support. Where possible, please identify how you think they demonstrated one or more the Trust’s core values, which are:

Working together:

  • For patients
  • With compassion
  • As one team
  • Always improving

When submitting your nomination, please provide as much detail as possible on how you felt the individual or team went above and beyond for you, a friend or a member of your family.

  • What stood out for you?
  • How did it make your experience of care, visit or day at work more positive?
  • Has a project or scheme of work added value for our patients, visitors or colleagues, if so how?
  • How did the team or individual contribute to the overall success of the project, piece of work or care provided?

Melloney Poole OBE, Chairman of Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust, is keen to recognise teams who are going above and beyond the requirements of their "day jobs" and are in an often unseen but crucial area of the hospital.

These are the people who are committed and passionate, who go about their job in a professional manner, giving their support generously to those around them and who may often be the last people to broadcast their successes.

Melloney will visit such areas on a regular basis to learn about these teams, their challenges and successes, the individual team members and how the service they provide is vital to the safe and efficient running of our hospital.


April 2024 - Renal Day Unit (RDU) and Outpatient Department (ROPD).Wessex Kidney Centre (WKC)


04 Renal HH April 2024.jpg​​​​​​​

Melloney Poole OBE, Chair of Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust was delighted to meet the Renal Day Unit and Outpatient Department Teams to present them with a very well-deserved Hidden Heroes award. 

The Renal Day unit team are responsible for the hands-on and direct patient contact in the performance of life-saving Renal Replacement Therapies, antibodies, and antibiotic infusions, and are the default facility in the management of blocked vascular access/es and fistulas for Haemodialysis dependent renal patients.  The Renal Outpatient Department are an outpatient consultation facility for the Wessex Kidney Centre (WKC) where Nurse Specialists, Nephrology and Surgical Consultants provide tertiary consultations to renally impaired individuals.  Together, this specialist team of 23 nursing and administrative colleagues go about their work with compassion, care and a smile. 

Melloney was pleased to present the team with a Hidden Heroes certificate, trophy, Hidden Heroes badges, fruit baskets and sweet treats.  Congratulations!


March 2024 - Continuous Improvement team and Urgent Care Improvement team


Improvement teams 1.jpg

Melloney Poole OBE Chair of PHU was delighted to present a Hidden Heroes award to the Continuous Improvement and Urgent Care Improvement teams on the 19th March.  These teams collectively support a huge agenda for the organisation both in terms of urgent care initiatives and the embedding and maturity of delivering excellence. They coach, facilitate, support all levels of teams in the organisation and don’t shine a light on their involvement in the success as they know they are part of the wider team approach. They are all hard working and humble in their style despite working in a challenging and sometimes tough environment as not only are they supporting and leading work they are trying to support improvement culture and influence and educate all they encounter. As we start to roll out front line team development of DEED (Delivering Excellence Every Day) and focus even further on urgent care as a strategic initiative, it is the right time to recognise their work. They have been recognised for the huge amount of work done, often behind the scenes, for their patience and perseverance as well as their dedication and positivity.


February 2024 - Lung Health Team

Melloney Poole OBE, Chair of Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust was delighted to meet the Lung Health Team to present them with a Hidden Heroes award.  This small team work with a service provider (InHealth) and stakeholders to reduce the mortality from lung cancer through improving early diagnosis by selecting participants from our local population at high risk of lung cancer and offering low dose CT scanning to eligible subjects over a 4-year cycle.  

The National Cancer Programme has committed to extending Targeted Lung Health Checks across England to diagnose more lung cancers at an earlier, curable stage. Portsmouth was chosen as a pilot site in 2021 and went fully operational in June 2022.  In April 2023 the team offered a one stop shop with Lung Health Checks and scanning on the same day within the Rodney Road centre to be centrally located to participants.  

By the end of January 2024, 23,000 participants were invited to join the programme with 13,000 accepting a telephone triage appointment.  The team have delivered 6,700 CT scans and 210 patients had been referred to the Lung Cancer Pathway, 81 with confirmed Lung cancer with an average of 80% being diagnosed at an early, more treatable stage. 

 Melloney was particularly impressed with the team’s dedication to reducing health inequality and presented them with a Hidden Heroes trophy, certificate, badges, basket of fruit and sweet treats. 


January 2024 - Paediatric Emergency Department Advanced Clinical Practitioners (ACPs)

Melloney Poole OBE, Chair of Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust was delighted to meet the Paediatric Emergency Department Advanced Clinical Practitioners to present them with a well-deserved Hidden Heroes Certificate, Hidden Heroes badges, trophy, and a selection of fruit. 

This team of 9 provide a middle grade tier of senior decision makers from a non-medical background, specialising in paediatric emergency care (PED) and provide a senior decision-making presence every day of the week.  PED is an extremely busy department with increasing complexities and the team look after critically ill patients on a regular basis.  This team have saved the lives of numerous children.  Last month two of the team saved the life of an infant who had a cardiac arrest, without their prompt and urgent care the infant would not have survived.

Melloney noted that this teams care and compassion for each other as well as their patients and their families shone through.

December 2023 - Health and Wellbeing Team

Melloney Poole OBE, Chair of Portsmouth Hospitals was delighted to meet with the Mental Health and Wellbeing Team on the 13 December to acknowledge them as her Hidden Heroes.  This 5 strong team support our people with their mental health and wellbeing through facilitating clinics for management referrals or self-referrals and hosting events throughout the year including World Health Day and Mental Health Awareness Week.  The team facilitate CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) debriefs if there has been an incident within the Trust to support staff and signpost for further support as required. And have developed a Healthy You program to encourage staff to make healthy lifestyle choices that will assist with their overall wellbeing. 

The team demonstrate dedication, commitment, and passion towards promoting staff wellbeing and have continued this through difficult periods. This is helped by the support that they give to each other and possibly a unique sense of humour! 

Melloney noted that this team encapsulated the true meaning of hidden heroes as they deliver an often unseen but vital service and are the last to broadcast their successes.  Melloney was delighted to present the team with a certificate, trophy, Hidden Heroes badges and basket of fruit to recognise their endeavours. 



November 2023 - Plaster Tech Team

Melloney Poole, Chair of Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust and the Isle of Wight NHS Trust was delighted to meet the Plaster Tech team to present them with a Hidden Heroes Award.   This cheerful team of 8 provide adult plaster room cover based in the Fracture Clinic as well as the paediatric fracture wards.  They review patients with plaster casts, picking up any concerns and assist Consultants in theatres and attend the Emergency Department if full casting is required.

John Jenkins is the most senior Plaster Technician with over 20 years’ service and HCSW Emma Ridley is the newest recruit currently undertaking inhouse training. 

Melloney was pleased to present the team with a Hidden Heroes trophy, certificate, badges, sweet treats and a basket of fruit.  Congratulations!

Our Proud To Be PHU Awards are a chance to celebrate individuals and teams at Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust who go above and beyond every day for their patients and their colleagues.

Nominations for this year's Patient Choice Award are now open. You can find more information including the nomination form here.