The BEACH® course was developed in recognition of the need to train unregistered healthcare staff in basic techniques and skills needed to recognise the deteriorating patient. The course is:

  • Easy and inexpensive to deliver
  • Based upon simple, memorable concepts
  • Supported by a comprehensive on-line course administration system

Course structure
The BEACH® course is based around a simple, illustrated manual that covers basic signs of clinical deterioration and what is appropriate action for unregistered healthcare staff to take and when to ask for help. It can be delivered in half a day using flip chart and/or slides. Unregistered healthcare staff have gained an increasingly important role in patient care and will often have close patient contact. BEACH® improves the skill of recognising the deteriorating patient and teaches the importance of proactive communication with colleagues. Content includes:

  • Airway problems
  • Breathing problems
  • Circulation problems
  • Good handover of critical information
  • Prioritisation of workload.