Current visiting times

After suspending visiting earlier in the year, we are now able to offer limited visiting to some wards at the discretion of the nurse in-charge.”

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Messages for loved ones and keeping in touch

We recognise the impact that a long stay in hospital can have on families and the importance of maintaining strong communication.  Our ward staff are keeping in touch with patients’ next of kin directly and our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) can help pass on personal messages from family and friends.

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Current visiting times

After suspending visiting earlier in the year, we are now able to offer limited visiting to some wards at the discretion of the nurse in-charge.”

Read more on visiting times...

Messages for loved ones and keeping in touch

We recognise the impact that a long stay in hospital can have on families and the importance of maintaining strong communication.  Our ward staff are keeping in touch with patients’ next of kin directly and our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) can help pass on personal messages from family and friends.

Read more information about messages for loved ones…

During your stay in hospital you will meet a number of different members of staff.  All members of staff wear name badges, but if you are not sure who someone is or what they do, please feel free to ask them to introduce themselves and explain what they do. 

If you have any questions about your treatment, please ask a doctor or a nurse.

There are lots of opportunities for you to get involved with the Trust, from volunteering to attending our public meetings, our Annual General Meeting or our hospital open day which is held every year.

Departments & Services

  • C level map

    Diabetes & Endocrinology

    Services provided include:

    • Inpatient diabetes.  Advice to ward teams for inpatients.

    • Multi-disciplinary service for high risk foot

    • Type 1 diabetes, including adolescents

    • Insulin Pump services

    • Low eGFR or patients on renal dialysis

    • Antenatal diabetes

    • Endocrine Outpatient Service

  • C level map

    Diagnostic Imaging

    Radiology is the specialty which uses technology to create internal images of the body to diagnose and sometimes treat diseases. In the past, images were created by x-ray machines but today other imaging technologies such as ultrasound, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear medicine and mammography are used singularly or in combination for best diagnosis, treatment, planning and follow up.

  • D level

    Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

    Ear, nose and throat consultations and surgery if required, for adults and children.

    Outpatient clinics are held at:

    Gosport, Chichester, Petersfield, Bognor, Fareham

  • A level map

    Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPA)

    This service provides care for women who experience pain/bleeding in early pregnancy between 6 and 12 weeks’ gestation. Women may also be referred to the unit if they are pregnant and have a previous history of recurrent miscarriage, molar or ectopic pregnancy. The unit accepts referrals from GPs, midwives, the antenatal clinic and A&E.

  • level maps c2018

    Emergency Department - ED

    The Emergency Department offers emergency assessment and treatment to patients with serious injuries or illnesses. Generally, you should only visit your nearest Emergency Department or call 999 for life-threatening emergencies, such as, loss of consciousness, acute confused state and fits that are not stopping, persistent, severe chest pain, breathing difficulties or severe bleeding that cannot be stopped.

    The service is Consultant-led, and supported by a wide range of other Medical and Nursing staff.

    The department also offers a Paediatric Emergency service, for the assessment and treatment of Children and young adults up to the age of 18. This Paediatric Emergency Department is located within the main Emergency Department on C level.

    As a provider of unscheduled care, the CSC continues to review the services provided in order to manage demand and improve patient satisfaction and safety.

    Updates on our future developments will be provided via this website accordingly.

  • D level


    Colonoscopy, Flexible Sigmoidoscopy, Gastroscopy, Naso Endoscopy, ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography, Bowel Cancer Screening Programme, Colonic and Upper Gastrointestinal EMR (Endoscopic Mucosal Resection), ESD (Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection), EUS (Endoscopic Ultrasound), Halo/Ablation/Double Balloon, Manometry/PH Studies, Capsule Endoscopy and Hydrogen breath Tests

    Our Endoscopy department runs 5 procedure rooms and 3 recovery rooms at full capacity.

    We look to provide the best care possible, if you have any feedback for us do not hesitate to contact us. We are always striving to make our department better.


  • Estates and Facilities Management

    Services provided:

    • Project management
    • Facilities management
    • Estate management
    • PFI contract management and monitoring
    • Energy and Sustainability
    • Staff car parking
    • Residences
    • Transport (non patient)
    • Fire safety

    No direct patient involvement.

  • Facilities Management

    Facilities Management (FM) services, is the term used for a team of staff who provide a range of non-clinical functions to ensure that the maintenance and operation of the site runs smoothly for the clinical staff, patients and visitors.

    Under the Governments PFI, (Private Finance Initiative), The Hospital Company (THC) was awarded the contract to build and provide the FM services for a period of 30 years. As from April 2018, Engie were approved as the FM provider here at QA Hospital.

  • C level map

    Fracture Clinic and Orthopaedics

    The department deals with all types of Orthopaedic conditions as well as fractures and a wide range of traumatic injuries.

    Queen Alexandra Hospital was ranked first nationally in achieving key quality standards for hip fracture care, and performed better than the national and Strategic Health Authority averages in 2012 National Hip Fracture Database.

  • D level


    The service offers investigation and management of all Gastroenterological conditions and Liver disease. Fully staffed JAG accredited Endoscopy unit offering a comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy service accepting local and regional referrals.

    Upper Gastro intestinal (GI) Surgery

    We specialise in looking after patients with benign and malignant conditions affecting the gullet, stomach, gallbladder and liver. We have expertise in keyhole surgery for hernias, gallstones and heartburn/reflux disease. Clinics are run weekly in various locations and surgery mainly takes place at QA (E2 ward and Day Surgery Unit). We pride ourselves in having a high standard of patient care and to offer the best innovative treatments for our patients.
    Upper GI Staff
    • Stuart Mercer - Clinical Director, Consultant Surgeon
    • Nicholas Carter - Consultant Surgeon
    • Sami Sadek - Consultant Surgeon
    • Marisa Walters - Consultant Surgeon
    • Benjamin Knight - Consultant Surgeon
    • Shaw Somers - Consultant Surgeon
    • Simon Toh - Consultant Surgeon
    • Dee Wainwright - Laparoscopic Surgical Care Practitioner
    • Ronnie Fajksova- Laparoscopic Surgical Care Practitioner


  • D level

    General Internal Medicine

    We offer inpatient care for patients with General Internal Medical issues across two wards (D3 and D7) at the Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth. The service also has an outpatient clinic for patients discharged from hospital.

  • Gosport Minor Injuries Unit

    The Minor Injuries Unit at Gosport War Memorial Hospital has experienced Nurse Practitioners on hand every day to treat a range of minor injuries including:

    •Cuts and grazes
    •Sprains and strains
    •Broken bones or fractures
    •Bites and stings
    •Infected wounds
    •Minor head injuries
    •Minor eye problems

  • Governance and Clinical Audit

    Services provided for all patients, relatives, carers, staff and external partners include:

    • Governance
    • Compliance including Care Quality Commission
    • Information Governance including Data Protection and Freedom of Information
    • Clinical audit
    • Quality Assurance
  • D level

    Gynaecological Oncology

    The gynaecological oncology service aims to diagnose and treat cancers and pre-cancers of the endometrium (womb lining), ovaries, cervix (neck of the womb), vulva, and vagina.

    All patients with a suspected or confirmed cancer are discussed at a weekly multi- disciplinary Team (MDT) meeting. The Gynaecological oncology multidisciplinary team (MDT) comprises of experts including oncological surgeons, clinical and medical oncologists, radiologists and pathologists, two clinical nurse specialists.(Key Workers) and research nurses.

    The benefit of this approach is that the team members plan and agree a recommended pathway of treatment. This could include investigations such as MRI/ CT scans or biopsies specifically to individual patient‘s needs, delivering patient centered care as timely as possible.

    The team works collaboratively with other specialties such as colorectal, urology and anaesthetics. We also have good links with the hospital based palliative care team and their colleagues in the community.

    The team is pleased to be able to offer the patient the opportunity to take part in current clinical trials - screening for cervical, womb and ovarian cancers and treatment for ovarian cancers. There is also another study looking at quality of life, and living with and beyond cancer.

  • D level

    Gynaecology Outpatients

    This department covers colposcopy, hysteroscopy, gynae oncology, urogynae, endometriosis, gynae consultations and PMB.

  • B level


    Haematology – including warfarin clinics, haemophilia clinics, thrombophilia clinics.

    Oncology – Outpatients services of up to 75 clinics a week for both clinical and medical oncology, and a variety of tumour sites.

    Radiotherapy – service provides external beam and brachytherapy treatment to adult cancer patients. External beam radiotherapy equipment includes 4 multi-energy Varian iX Clinacs and orthovoltage machine. A range of treatment techniques are available, including IMRT and IGRT. All treatment plans are tailored to the needs of each individual patient. On board imaging is available on all linacs which is used to confirm the accuracy of treatments. Two brachytherapy services are provided: high close rate after loaded brachytherapy for gynaecological cancer and low close rate permanent implanted seeds for prostate cancer. The service sees over 30,000 attendances per year, equating to approximately 2100 courses of radiotherapy.

    Haematology and Oncology Day Unit – providing chemotherapy, and other cancer related treatments, and haematological treatments for approximately 90 patients per day.

    Wards F5, 6, 7 – A 39 bedded ward for patients of the department who require an inpatient stay.

    Acute Oncology Service – 6 acute oncology assessment and treatment beds for patients presenting with complications from cancer treatment and the management of acute/emergency cancer symptoms.

    Radiotherapy ISO0991:2008 accreditation

    Acute Oncology Service were commended in QiC Oncology Excellence Awards 2013


    Who are the services for?

    Services for adult patients from the age of 16+. The catchment area includes Portsmouth, Isle of Wight, Fareham and Gosport, Southern Hampshire and West Sussex.

    How can a patient make an appointment?

    New patients to the department will be referred via other specialities within the Trust, or from other Trusts. If existing patients have any concerns regarding appointments, they should contact the general enquiries number listed above.

  • Health Records Department

    The Health Records Department is located on an offsite facility at Mitchell Way. This facility houses approximately 1.6 million records, receiving an average of 500,000 requests for casenote every year.

  • Health, Safety & Wellbeing

    The Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Service aims to promote and maintain the health and wellbeing of all employees and is concerned with the effects of work on health and vice versa. We liaise and communicate with staff and management and maintain complete confidentiality of occupational health records.

  • C level map

    Heart Failure Service

    Heart failure patients care including management of symptoms and heart failure medications, education on self care, counseling and support for patients and families and Carers.

  • C level map


    The Portsmouth Liver Centre provides specialist care to people with liver conditions living in Portsmouth and it's surrounding area.

    We offer a comprehensive service which includes:

    Specialist inpatient and outpatient care for patients with complex liver disease

    Community and hospital based Viral hepatitis treatment service


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