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Last updated: 22 April 2021

Research Nurse Testimonial 2

My story

Claudia Lameirinhas

Specialist Research Nurse


What made you become a Research Nurse? - "I have started to develop an interest in Research throughout my career but more specifically when working in Intensive Care Unit, seeing how research can be integrated into practice and how it can change practice. This role offers the opportunity to work in varied projects and develop good relationships within multidisciplinary teams."

What do you do on a day to day basis? - "On a day to day basis, I identify, screen and assess patients eligibility to take part in the various studies I currently work on, provide them information about those studies and receive their informed consent, when appropriate. I ensure study-specific investigations are undertaken."

Why did you choose PHU? - "PHU is a great place to work in research, having a reputation for award-winning research and development, working in close collaboration with external partners as well. Having provided me with many opportunities for personal and professional development, I believe the Research and Innovation Department at PHU provides a great environment to work."

What do you enjoy about being a Research Nurse? - "I truly enjoy the flexibility, autonomy and innovation that my role allows me to have. I also appreciate the time that I get to spend with patients, and quite often getting to know them well."