Oncology Assistant

Last updated: 31 August 2023

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 Oncology Assistant

An Oncology Assistant ensures that all patients, within the Radiotherapy service, are provided with the highest standard of care and comfort attainable. They support the clinical delivery of Radiotherapy treatment, by giving patient-related and administrative support to the Radiographers. They liaise with medical, physics, nursing, clerical and support staff within the department, and throughout the institution, to ensure optimum patient care.


A day in the life

Common duties for an oncology assistant include:

  • provide a high standard of support and care to the patient through all stages of the radiotherapy process.
  • act as chaperone for the patient as required.
  • assist with patient and heavy equipment movement and transfer, taking into account the local policies for manual handling.
  • prepare the clinical area for each individual procedure, including examination, treatment, simulation or CT scan, ensuring that all necessary equipment has been identified and provided.
  • perform patient dressings, using aseptic techniques.
  • maintain a clean and safe environment for patients
  • participate in department projects, including audit and quality initiatives pertinent to the role.
  • ensure that all notes, test results and x-rays/scans are collated prior to the patient attending for Radiotherapy planning or treatment review appointments.
  • report, document and act on untoward incidents.
  • assist in clinical areas within the Trust as the clinical situation or staffing levels require, being responsible for maintaining and restocking stock levels of pharmacy supplies


For more information regarding joining our team, please submit a form through the ‘Contact us’ page or contact the Recruitment team, who are more than happy to help, on 02392 2860​​​​​​​00 ext. 6577 or email recruitment.enquiries@porthosp.nhs.uk 


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My story

Amanda Thompson

Oncology Assistant 


What made you become a Oncology Assistant? – I was a domestic supervisor for 14 years when I decided that I would like a change of career. I passed my NVQ 1 & 2 and I got a job in community care. I then applied and began working as an RDA in CT and MRI. I continued in that role for 7 years until I applied to become an oncology assistant, which I’ve been doing now for the last 3 years.

What do you do on a day to day basis? - My role is to collect patients from the main waiting area and transfer them to our sub wait. I then check their bloods, bladder scanning, blood pressure, blood sugars, collect prescriptions, walk patients round for their reviews, make sure the patients notes are already for next day and on the right linac and much more…

What do you enjoy about being an Oncology Assistant? - Being involved with patient care and working for a good team. I enjoy my job because we work closely with our patients and provide vital support to patients and radiographers.