Last updated: 22 April 2021

Childrens Nurse Testimonial 1

My story

Rebecca Rosser

Senior Staff Nurse, Neonatal Intensive Care


What made you become a Nurse? - "I love caring for our patients and their families and working alongside the incredible team on the unit"

How did you become a Nurse? - "Following a placement on the unit as a student nurse I decided it was the place I wanted to start my nursing career when I qualified and have worked here ever since for 13 years."

What do you do on a day to day basis? - "I mainly work in our Intensive Care area, caring for patients on respiratory support and supporting their families."

Why did you choose PHU? - "I enjoyed my placements as a student in the trust and loved the unit."

What do you enjoy about being a Nurse? - "I really enjoy all aspects of my job and the unit I work for.  I find it very rewarding."

Career plans and advice for others - "I will be continuing to do the job I love on the unit.  My advice for others if something feels right in terms of career path don’t be afraid to follow it."