Last updated: 22 April 2021

Manager Testimonial 1

My story

George Perry

Graduate Trainee Manager, QA Hospital Stoke and OPM Care Group



What made you become a Graduate Trainee Manager? - It’s a national programme that was encouraging those with a clinical background, I am a trained nurse who worked in ITU, and I was always very interested in management especially supporting staff and what happens at a higher level of a hospital and how decisions were made.

How did you become a Graduate Trainee Manager? As mentioned it is a national programme, it’s for the NHS to grow leaders of the future anyone from any background can apply and they now have 2 yearly intakes all the information is here: You have to apply online then there is a series of online tests, written job application, online interview and then a full assessment day

What do you do on a day to day basis? A range of roles across the care group. As part of the course there is Masters level academic work to be completed as well. Things I have worked on since being here: Bronze patient flow role, Stroke projects with the IOW, OPM projects with external support from the Acute Frailty Network, supporting the Matron team. It’s mainly about saying yes to things and being willing to learn and be involved.

Why did you choose PHU? I didn’t choose PHU as I was assigned my placement however I have worked here clinically as a Nurse. There is a lot of exciting things happening including the IOW partnership, modular build and ED rebuild. We look after a large varied population and who doesn’t want to live on the south coast.

What do you enjoy about being a Graduate Trainee Manager? The opportunities to learn on the job and also you can get involved in exciting new projects.

Career plans and advice - Say yes to things, be willing to be out of your comfort zone and no one to say help! Hopefully I will continue to progress I will continue to try new things and see where it takes me.