Last updated: 13 January 2020

Is there an alternative to an online application?

Yes, we can accept offline applications, please contact our Recruitment team for more information.

How long does the recruitment process usually take?

The Recruitment team aim to complete all pre-employment checks within 3 weeks. However, this is heavily reliant on your engagement with the process, if you have any issues please contact the Recruitment team on 02392 286577.

I need to complete a Work Health Assessment. How do I do this?

We will send you an email with a link to follow to complete your Work Health Assessment.  If you have any issues completing this please contact the Occupational Health team on 02392 283352

Do I have to pay for a DBS?

No, currently the Trust pays for all DBS checks.

How long will it take for my DBS to clear?

A DBS check can take anywhere between 1 and 60 days depending on the level of check and how many local police authorities you have lived in. Unfortunately, the Trust cannot escalate any cases with the DBS until the application has reached 60 days.

How long is the corporate induction?

There are a variety of induction programmes that you might be placed on in your first week of employment with us.  Please contact our Learning and Development team for more information on 02392 286477.

When do I find out about my salary?

All of our job adverts show the banding and salary range of what you should expect.  Should you want to discuss this further you can explore this with your Appointing Manager at interview.

Should I hand in my notice?

The Trust suggests that you do not hand in your notice at your current job until you have received your unconditional offer of employment as the Trust can at any given time withdraw your conditional offer.

When do I get paid?

Payday for the Trust is the 28th of the month.  If this date falls on a weekend or bank holiday you will be paid the Friday before the 28th.