Oasis Centre

Last updated: 27 November 2023

Oasis opened in 2010 as an exclusive wellbeing Centre for NHS staff.

The demands of working in a hospital environment can leave staff with very little for anything else. Having an on-site fitness facility is convenient for employees to help look after themselves. Becoming a healthier, fitter workforce ultimately means providing a better health care service.

Membership cost is £20 per month.

Membership includes use of the gym and swimming pool.

*We do not do pool only memberships

*There is a 30 day written cancellation period. All cancellations should be emailed to Oasis@porthosp.nhs.uk


Membership fees for PHU staff are taken directly from salary.

Equans staff are able to pay through salary or Direct Debit.

All other NHS staff are to pay through Direct Debit


Family membership

Oasis is an adult only facility. *Over 16’s only.

An employee can pay for 1 family member to also have membership.

This could be for a partner/ mother/ father/ brother or sister.


Aqua Fit (45 mins) – suitable for all. Excellent class for those new to exercise.

The pool provides a place where you can exercise without fully weight baring. It allows support for sore joints, but it also provides resistance to work your muscles. This class is designed to improve your fitness, strength and stamina as well as burn calories to support weight loss.

Circuits (45 mins) – not suitable for those with significant injuries

Circuits is designed to elevate your heart rate and push you near your limits at times. This is the toughest class Oasis offers. Circuits will put you through a range of movements designed to increase your strength and fitness.


Menofit (45-50 mins) – Ladies only

Designed for menopausal women, this class is based around strength and conditioning movements. Strength training is an excellent way to burn calories and increase muscle mass to prevent conditions like osteoarthritis.


Abs and stretch (30 mins) – suitable for all

Flexibility and core strength are crucial to stay injury free. Increasing flexibility can help reduce lower back pain and improve how you move. Improving your core strength can improve your posture and help you to move better.


Rehab Aqua (45 mins) – suitable for Cancer Rehab and Fit4work

All the benefits of Aquafit but targeted at people suffering with injuries or who are de-conditioned to exercise initially.

Fit4Work is a workplace exercise referral scheme founded by the Oasis team. The scheme has been running since 2012 to help employees suffering with injuries, pain or metal health issues. The scheme uses exercise as a form of rehab to help employees suffering with short or long term conditions. Fit4Work is extremely popular and has been used by hundreds of employees over the past decade.

Employees can be referred by their manager or Occupational Health.

Oasis has a large conference room that can be booked by departments on a daily rate.

The room is large enough to host 60 delegates theatre style (chairs only). Or 40 classroom style (with tables).

The room can be booked by contacting the Oasis team on Ext: 3333 or email: Oasis@porthosp.nhs.uk.

Oasis is able to provide boiling water and refrigeration in a small kitchen area for self-supply.

For additional catering services conference, hosts can contact Equans.