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Last updated: 28 December 2022

healthy u

Healthy You

Launched in January 2022
Would you like support to improve your health and wellbeing?
As part of our commitment to staff wellbeing we are pleased to announce the start of our 'Healthy you' programme.

Participants will receive:

  • Access to a wellbeing nurse appointment
  • Access to a 12 week personalised programme facilitated by the Oasis team
  • Dedicated 1:1 exercise support or guidance
  • Priority access to group exercise classes
  • Regular support and follow up along the way
  • Advice on making healthy lifestyle choices
  • Regular weight monitoring/dietician referral as required

For more information and to express your interest, please email 

Dry January


1) Its not long until Dry January, join the 4 million people who participated last year.

Here are a few reasons to change your drinking habits:

70% of people have reported sleeping better

86% of people have reported saving money

65% of people reported improved general health

2) Alcohol contributes many different medical health conditions including:

In the cold and flu season, drinking alcohol has a negative effect on your immune system it won’t help you get better.

3) Alcohol can disturb your sleep:

 Drinking can affect your sleep. Although it can help some people fall asleep quickly, it can disrupt your sleep patterns and stop you sleeping deeply. So cutting down on alcohol should help you feel more rested when you wake up.

 4) Alcohol can negatively interact with medication:

Please let you doctor know if you drink alcohol so they can consider this when prescribing medications.

 5) Alcohol can negatively impact our mental health and contributes to anxiety, low mood, and depression:

Although alcohol can help us feel relaxed initially, these effects are short-lived and there are long-term negative consequences to our mental health.

6) 86% of people reported saving money participating in dry January:

 Drinking 3 pints of beer 4 x a week at home can cost = £15.75 a week (prices based on Asda Carlsberg Beer on offer )

 Over a month this would cost £63, Over a year £756

 Drinking 2 large glasses of wine 4 x a week at home can cost = £15 a week for 3 bottles of wine (prices based on Tesco’s lower priced wine)

Over a month this would cost £60,  over a year this would be £720

7) Cutting out alcohol can help people achieve weight loss goals:


  • DRY January – if you think you are dependent on alcohol either physically or psychological, please seek specialist advise before making any changes to your drinking. For more information Dry January | Alcohol Change UK


healthy eating

Stopping smoking is one of the best things you will ever do for your health.

So as part of your fresh start this January why not join the thousands who are quitting.

It's never too late to quit even if you have had a quit attempt in the past, there is support out there, find the support that works for you.

New year- take control of your health




Your Health Plan Staff Benefit

Start claiming money back towards everyday health treatments and access virtual health services with enhanced benefits at reduced cost for NHS employees. A helping hand to live well, reduce stress and sort those aches and pains.


What is a health plan?

Get help by receiving money back on everyday health costs such as; glasses, dental treatment including white fillings and body maintenance such as physiotherapy, podiatry and more, (up to the annual limits)

You can also access discounts, video health services including GP appointments at your convenience and counselling and advice helplines all within your Simplyhealth health plan.

Find out more information about the plan here

Get money back towards your routine health treatments with a Simplyhealth Plan. From money back on prescriptions glasses and dental fillings, to all round body maintenance such as physio and chiropody.

You can also benefit from our discounted network of gyms, 24/7 counselling and advice helplines and 24/7 access to video consultations with GP’s through our app, SimplyConsult.


Getting your money back

  1. Attend your health treatment at a registered practitioner and ask for an itemized receipt
  2. Upload and submit a copy of your receipt on the SimplyPlan app or
  3. Get your money back in your bank account within a couple of days


We’ve got you covered from head to toe starting from

£13.47 per month for NHS Staff

Want to find out more?

Check the NHS Webpages HERE

Or give our friendly team a call now on 0330 102 5325 and

confirm which Trust you work for to access the NHS Plan

We’re here Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.