Self Funding Patients

No Medical insurance? – not a problem!

Going into hospital can be a worrying at the best of times, if you don't health insurance but would like to know if you can pay for yourself then call the Private Patient office on 023 9228 6745 and our friendly team can advise you on a “guide price”  even if you have not yet been seen by a consultant.  We can give you an estimate of the price that will include the hospital fee, your accommodation and nursing costs. The Consultant and Anaesthetist usually invoice you separately.

When you decide that you would like to pay for your care and treatment and have seen a consultant, we can prepare a bespoke estimate and will arrange a convenient time for your admission. We arrange for a pre-assessment appointment to make sure that you are fit for surgery.  We ask for a deposit to be paid prior to your admission and any balance will be invoiced to you after discharge. Any changes to your care will be discussed with you during your stay so that you are kept up to date on costs. More detailed information is available from the Private Patient Office.

Next Steps

  • Ring us for a guide price

  • Ask your GP to refer you to a consultant privately.

  • Your consultant will advise us of your proposed admission

  • We contact you with appointment details and bespoke estimate of costs. 

Guide Prices

The following are some of our more common procedures with a guide to give you an idea of the likely costs, the final cost may differ depending on your individual needs and requirements as decided by the consultant.

Treatment Guide Price
Bariatric (weight loss surgery)  
Gastric Band Contact
Gastric Sleeve Streamline
Gastric Bypass Surgical
Coronary angiogram from £2,500.00
Coronary angioplasty +/- stent from £6,500.00
External Cardioversion £1,500.00
Insertion of cardiac Pacemaker (depending on type) from £5,000.00
Myringotomy £1,600.00
Pinnaplasty (child) £2,000.00
Parathyroidectomy (adult) £3,300.00
Tonsillectomy (child) £1,750.00
Tonsillectomy (adult) £2,000.00
General surgery  
Inguinal hernia (keyhole surgery, overnight stay) £2,700.00
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal, overnight stay) £4,000.00
Laparoscopic repair of hiatus hernia for anti reflux (fundoplication) £4,000.00
Colonoscopy (including histology) £1,200.00
Gastroscopy £900.00
Flexible sigmoidoscopy £900.00
ERCP £2,400.00
ERCP (therapeutic) £3,500.00
Hysteroscopy £1,600.00
Vaginal hysterectomy with pelvic floor repair £5,500.00
Flexible cystoscopy £1,500.00
TURP - transurethral resection of prostate £4,500.00
Robotic prostatectomy £13,000.00
Template Biopsy £2,000.00


For further information please contact the Private Patient Office: 023 9228 6745

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