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Private Health Insurance

Harbour Private Patient Services  welcomes patients from ALL leading medical insurers, your policy may restrict where and what you can be treated for.  Please check the terms and conditions of your policy with your provider first to make sure  you are able to access our services and that you have adequate cover before you commit to having any procedure.

Our Private Patient team will be happy to assist with any queries you may have. We will also seek authorisation from your insurer for any treatments and/or tests you have as a private patient at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, but ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure you have cover.

We have an arrangement with most insurers to invoice directly to them.   If we are unable to verify your insurance details or get authorisation, then you will be required to pay a deposit equal to the cost of your treatment, prior to admission. All private patients will need to sign an Undertaking to Pay contract.

Urgent admissions

Patients with private medical insurance that are admitted as an emergency may be able to have the treatment covered by the insurance company and be admitted to the Harbour Suite. Either you or a member of your family must check with your insurance company. As soon as you know that you are being admitted ask the staff to contact the Private Patient Office or the Harbour Suite. Your consultant must be agreeable to accepting you as a private patient, the private patient office can help you with this.

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