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Insured or Self Funding Patients - How do I access private patient services?

Your GP will usually be the person to advise you that you need to see a consultant. You can see the consultant either on the NHS or privately, please let your GP know if you are considering private treatment. 

If you decide to go privately you can use your Health Insurance if you have sufficient cover or you can choose to pay for the care and treatment yourself. Please note you must check with your Health Insurance Company that your policy covers you for an Outpatient Consultation and any tests that you might require.

Next steps:

Your GP will need to write a referral for a private consultation to the consultant of your choice, our consultant page provides details of their treatments they provide. The consultants’ private secretary will advise you of your appointment location, date and time and any information that is required. Please contact your insurance company and advise them of your appointment

If you need to be admitted for treatment:

If your consultant advises you that treatment or a procedure is required, they will send a booking form to the Private Patient Office. The team will make the arrangements for your admission; arrange any pre-admission assessments or tests and will contact you regarding date of admission and payments as necessary. When you know that you are being admitted you will need to gain authorisation from your insurance company.


Consultants please download the booking form.

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