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A stay in hospital can be a daunting time for anyone whether it is for a short or long time. But having someone with you can help you recover and make you feel more at ease.

Keeping in contact with friends and family is important to patients. It is recognised that a balance is needed between maintaining that contact and allowing for rest and recuperation. In response to feedback from patients, families and carers wards and departments have local guidelines about visiting times so please do check before visiting.

At Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, we are proud to provide expert, compassionate care.

We are here for our local population of about 675,000 residents across Portsmouth and south east Hampshire and care for many people beyond, including providing some tertiary services to a catchment area of more than 2m people.

During your stay in hospital you will meet a number of different members of staff.  All members of staff wear name badges, but if you are not sure who someone is or what they do, please feel free to ask them to introduce themselves and explain what they do. 

If you have any questions about your treatment, please ask a doctor or a nurse.

There are lots of opportunities for you to get involved with the Trust, from volunteering to attending our public meetings, our Annual General Meeting or our hospital open day which is held every year.


Anna Benton first Nurse Endoscopist accredited with the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme across the south coast

Date: 06 February 2020

Anna Benton

We would like to congratulate Anna Benton, Advanced Endoscopy Nurse Practitioner, who has recently become accredited as a Bowel Cancer Screening Programme (BCSP) Colonoscopist, which up to now could only be performed by Consultants who were accredited BCSP Colonoscopists within the Trust. 

A colonoscopy is a test to check the inside of your bowel and under the BCSP it is to screen for polyps and cancer. 

With the introduction of the new FIT test for the BCSP for people aged 60-75 years, there is an increase in positive tests, leading to an increase in demand for screening Colonoscopies. 

With this in mind, Anna’s accreditation allows her to see patients in a more timely manner, and therefore receiving better quality of care. Anna says: “The Consultants are usually busy on the wards so for me to be able to see patients means it relieves their workload and also gives patients timely care.” 

Anna is the first Nurse Endoscopist on the south coast, with only several nationally, to have this accreditation and is a great achievement for the Solent BCSP, who are based at QA Hospital. 

“I am so pleased and relieved to have passed,” Anna notes. “It was a hard examination process so I am very proud to have passed and now give patients the option to see a female Endoscopist.” 

Well done Anna! #ForPatients

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