The Rocky Appeal is raising £2.4 million for keyhole robotic surgery at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, Portsmouth.
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 The Rocky Appeal is dedicated to fundraising for very specific life changing equipment and sits under the umbrella of Portsmouth Hospitals Charity.

The Rocky Appeal has helped the Trust provide lots of additional equipment raising over £15 million since 1991, and providing support that would not otherwise have been possible through the traditional funding routes of the NHS.

Please note this appeal will close in June 2018, but fundraising for your hospital will continue through Portsmouth Hospitals Charity.





Thanks to your generosity in the community and an anonymous donor,The Rocky Appeal has raised £2.4 million for robotic keyhole surgery at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust.

There are only 60 Da Vinci Robots currently in the UK. This technology is not available at Southampton or Chichester, our nearest neighbouring hospitals. Because of The Rocky Appeal, robotic surgery is here to stay to benefit thousands of patients along the South Coast with conditions ranging from brain tumours to prostate cancer.

Fundraising for space-age keyhole surgery robot started in 2014, and with the amazing support of you in the community, Robotic surgery is here to stay at QA, meaning future generations will have access to more accurate and less invasive surgical techniques, resulting in a greatly reduced risk of complications and quicker recovery times for patients all along the South Coast.

And it doesn’t stop there! Thanks to an anonymous donor who contributed a considerable amount, we are also able to purchase innovative new training equipment, which will enhance robotics training for our surgeons and trainees from all over the world.

The Rocky Appeal has been overwhelmed by phenomenal support from all over the South East, and we are so, so grateful. This is all thanks to you.











The surgeon sits in a console controlling the robot, in a 3D environment, at the patient’s side. This enables more precise surgical techniques to be used, especially in small areas of the body such as the pelvis, head, neck and throat. Over 1,000  patients from Portsmouth and surrounding areas, including Isle of Wight and Jersey have benefited from this innovative surgical technique.

Patients being admitted with a variety of cancers such as prostate, gynaecological, colorectal, kidney, bladder and head and neck, will benefit from having no major open surgery thus allowing for a much faster recovery time and return to home and working life quicker.






It is with a heavy heart that we announce that The Rocky Appeal will be closing at the end of June 2018.


 As well as having reached the Appeal’s target of £2.4 million for robotic surgery, Mick Lyons who founded The Rocky Appeal and has been fundraising for Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust for a remarkable 27 years has announced his retirement at the age of 74.


 Mick has been a true asset to the hospital; raising funds for several care-enhancing pieces of equipment, such as a CAT scanner, Unique Cancer Laboratory and futuristic kidney dialysis machines to name but a few.


 The Rocky Appeal is part of Portsmouth Hospitals Charity, so the end of Rocky does not mean the end of charitable work in your local hospital. We will be taking on other large appeal projects in future to provide even better care for you and your loved ones.


 We hope you will join us in continuing the work of Mick Lyons to support a healthy future.


 Mick would also like to thank everyone who has supported The Rocky Appeal: “It has been an incredible journey over the last thirty years, helping to raise millions of pounds for specialised equipment. To me it has been like building enormous jigsaw puzzles, the Hospital is the box, and everyone who gets involved is an important piece of the jigsaw until the last piece is found, it is not complete.”


 For his work, all of us at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust are hugely appreciative.




The Boats of Bounty board records donations to The Rocky Appeal. It will stay at QA even after The Rocky Appeal closes as a reminder of all the kindness and support The Rocky Appeal has been fortunate enough to have over the last four years.  









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