Safety Policies


Please leave all valuables at home.  Items such as jewellery, expensive clothing, or other costly items should not be brought to the hospital.  The hospital is not responsible for the loss or damage to any personal property kept in your room.  If an item must be secured, please ask a nurse to arrange for the hospital's Security Office to assist you.

Lost property

Lost property found on-site will be given to Security who will record the item and hold it for 24 hours. After that, items will be passed to Cashiers. Anyone wishing to check if an item has been found and handed in should contact security on 023 9228 6000 ext 6100.

Patients and visitors are advised not to bring valuable items to the hospital.

Electrical Appliances

Electrical appliances from home are not permitted on the unit.  Special permission may be granted in some instances.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones can be used in the hospital however there are areas where mobile phones should not be used for example, Critical Care and the Neonatal Unit.

Staff Identification

Every staff member and volunteer is required to wear identification badges that include their photograph, name and department.  If you are concerned about the identity of a visitor, notify a member of  staff.

If you have concerns regarding security, please contact the Security Office, which is open at all times.

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Last updated - 15 May 2014

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