Admission and Discharge

When you arrive at your out patients clinic please book in with the clinic receptionist. 
The hospital has an appointment system, so arriving early may not mean that you will be seen sooner.  We always try to make sure that you are seen by the doctor as near to the time of your appointment as possible.  This should generally be within 30 minutes of your appointment time.  You should be told if there is going to be a delay. 
At your appointment, you may be seen by the consultant in charge of your care, or another doctor who works on the consultant’s team. 
Ask the consultant or doctor to explain anything that you don’t understand, and discuss anything that is worrying you.  You can have any proposed treatment clearly explained to you, to find out any risks involved in that treatment and any alternatives, before you decide whether to agree to it. 
If the doctor prescribes new or different medication, they will either write and inform your GP or give you a prescription to take to the hospital pharmacy.  The standard NHS prescription fee will be charged unless you don’t pay charges.  If you can get free prescriptions, you need to bring proof of your exemption with you. 
If you are asked to make another appointment, please book this with the clinic receptionist before you leave. 
After your appointment, you may need to have blood tests or X-rays.  This means that you may have to spend longer at the hospital. 

Going Home

A letter will be sent to your GP or family doctor explaining the treatment you have received.  You may be asked to take this when you leave.  If you need nursing care at home, you will be given a letter to hand to the community nurse or health visitor.


  • Check that you have any medicines you may need.  Also check that you know when to take them and if your medication prescribed before you came into the hospital, is still applicable.

  • Make sure that you know about any support arranged from the community nurse, home help, meals on wheels etc, and the date and time of any follow-up outpatient appointments.

  • Make arrangements for someone to take you home.  A Patient Transport Service can only be arranged if your doctor says this is necessary.  Remind whoever is collecting you to bring your clothes.

  • Make sure that you are not taking home anything that does not belong to you as this deprives other patients from essential comforts.  If you do discover that you have taken home anything by mistake, please ring the ward so they can arrange for its return.

Student Training and Research 

All hospitals in the Trust are involved in teaching students and in research work.  Student doctors, or other clinical staff in training, are sometimes present in the clinic.  You may be asked to discuss your condition with students and allow them to examine you.  You may also be asked to take part in research.  If you do not feel happy about this, please tell a member of staff.  You have the right to refuse.

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Last updated - 15 May 2014

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