Patient Meals

Patients are served three meals a day – breakfast, lunch and supper – and a choice of hot and cold drinks throughout the day.

The food served at meal times is prepared as part of the Cook Chill system, which is adopted by 35% of Trusts across the country. Meals are prepared off site, chilled to a low temperature and transported to the kitchens at Queen Alexandra Hospital. The meals are then assembled and taken to the patient. The food is heated when it arrives at the ward and served immediately to the patient. This means the food does not loose its temperature or nutrition while being transported to the ward. We believe this system is the best and most nutritional way of serving our patients their meals.

Fresh foods, such as salads are prepared on site and special menus are available to patients with specific dietary needs.

Between the hours of 7.00am and 7.00pm, toast can be provided by the housekeeper on request.

We try to make the menus as varied as possible to suit all tastes. If you have any questions about the food served to you, please speak to the nurse in charge of your ward.

To see examples of the food served to patients please click on the links below.

Our food has received some positive press coverage in the local paper. See the documents section at the bottom of this page.

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Last updated - 10 November 2016

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