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Toolkit Introduction

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Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust strives to ensure that all employees have the best possible environment possible in which to work and learn.  We want our employees to work in workplaces where they are  treated with dignity and respect while carrying out their duties.

This toolkit has been produced in response to our 2015 National Staff Survey results and a deep dive local survey, by the PHT Prevention of Workplace Bullying and Harassment staff-led Change group.  It is designed to provide information, advice and solutions to dealing with workplace bullying and harassment, and other forms of unacceptable behaviour.

It consists of case studies, checklists and examples of good practice; providing you with some of the latest thinking on how to encourage a more positive approach to workplace relationships and to promoting dignity at work.

This toolkit  is for leaders, managers, employees and employee representatives and  anyone new to the issues of the prevention of workplace bullying and harassment.

There are 6 sections. Followed in sequence, they provide a step by step guide to a range of actions you can take to encourage a more positive approach to conducting workplace relationships.

The sections have also been designed as self contained units allowing you to focus on specific issues, with clear cross referencing to access support and guidance.

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The 2015 National Staff Survey tells us that a quarter of staff have experienced harassment, bullying or abuse in the previous 12 months; which was confirmed in a further deep dive survey to all staff in May 2016.

 The following points have been identified:

  • Clear and visible leadership commitment to the well-being of staff
  • Defining what constitutes bullying and harassment
  • Swift identification and visible action when bullying or harassment takes place
  • A confidential means for staff to report bullying and harassment and for appropriate actions to be taken
  • Managers who act as role models of positive behaviours and values
  • A work environment that supports and promotes positive mental health
  • An ethic of hope and improvement
  • Independent support and guidance to help employees address bullying and harassment that is happening to them
  • Defined development and support for those who bully or harass
  • To be measured via the next two annual National NHS Staff surveys


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Last updated - 30 August 2016
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