A range of diagnostic procedures;

  • EEG - Electroencephalography, Electrical Activity of the Brain.
  • NCS/EMG - Measure of nerve and muscle function.
  • EPs - Evoked Potentials and electroretinography¬†- Measure of central nervous system and retinal¬†function.

Contact details

Secretaries - 02392 286659

Opening times

We are open Monday-Friday between the hours of 08:30 - 17:00.

For appointment enquiries please call between 08.30 - 15:00.

How can a patient make an appointment?

Patients are not able to self refer. Please consult you general practitioner or hospital specialist if you think you may need the tests on offer.

Once a referral has been received the patient will be allocated an appointment, they are able to call and change this if necessary.

Location on site

We are located on D-Level of Queen Alexandra Hospital, above where the North Entrance is located, near Lift Area 1.

We have a shared reception with Urology services.

Other locations

  • Gosport
  • Chichester
  • Jersey
QA Level D

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Last updated - 19 March 2018

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