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Occupational Health & Wellbeing Questionnaire
for Healthcare Students


Congratulations on receiving your offer to study for a Healthcare course at University of Portsmouth

University of Portsmouth is obliged to ensure that students have good health to manage the rigours of the course, to study and work safely in a clinical environment and maintain professional standards of conduct and behaviour. (HCPC Standards of Proficiency)

Portsmouth Hospitals University (PHU) Occupational Health provide a confidential NHS service, designed to protect your health and wellbeing whilst on course at UOP and for clinical placements.

You are required to complete 2 parts:

  1. Confidential Occupational Health Questionnaire
  2. Immunisation Evidence.

The following guidance will help you complete these documents.

Please read this document in full before completing 


Occupational Health Questionnaire

To commence your course, you are required to complete the confidential Occupational Health questionnaire to PHU Occupational Health. 

You should provide as much detail as possible about any ongoing health conditions, impairments, or concerns to enable PHU Occupational Health to carry out an accurate assessment of your current health and to make any recommendations to UOP that may require extra support or adjustments for course and/or clinical placement. 

PHU Occupational Health may need to contact you for further information from your questionnaire results.

Immunisation Evidence 

You are required to provide details/evidence of any vaccinations you have received.  

You can obtain your immunisation evidence via the following methods:

  • Requesting via your current GP surgery – this can take 4-6 weeks
  • On the NHS App (you may need to request this access via your GP surgery)
  • Childhood vaccination evidence (red books)
  • Previous or current employers if immunisations have been given in employment. 

Evidence must clearly display your name and be stamped by your GP surgery or employer to be valid. 

You can download and print an immunisation template and arrange with your GP/employer to complete. This must be stamped by your GP surgery or employer to be valid.

Any charges by GP surgeries for this service are your responsibility. 

Once completed, please send the immunisation report by email to enquiries.occhealth@porthosp.nhs.uk

We do not recommend posting these documents. 

If you are unable to obtain evidence of previous vaccinations received you will be required to either have a blood test for immunity levels, and/or receive vaccinations as per the requirements for your healthcare course.

Please allow sufficient time to gather this information.

Coronavirus Vaccination

If you have been vaccinated please send documented evidence. Please note that we are unable to accept photos of a vaccination card as evidence.

The easiest way for you to access your vaccination record is via the NHS app. This can be accessed through your web browser on your computer at www.nhsapp.service.nhs.uk/login or downloaded from the App Store/Play Store on a mobile device. In the app you need to select "Get COVID Pass for Travel".

Additional Information

If you have any queries or questions about the Occupational Health Questionnaire or providing immunisation evidence, please contact PHU Occupational Health directly.

 The Science Faculty Placement Office will only be advised of your outcome of fitness for course and fitness for placement. Your answers to this questionnaire will be confidential to the Occupational Health team and will not be given to anyone else without your permission. Any personal or sensitive information will not be disclosed to third parties without your express consent unless it is deemed in the public interest.

 Click here for GDPR 2018 information

Submission Dates

Providing this information in sufficient time allows PHU Occupational Health to process your application and clear you for course and clinical placement. 

Not providing this information in sufficient time may delay your ability to attend clinical placements. 

This questionnaire and immunisation evidence need to be completed and submitted between: 

  • 1st July and 31st August for courses starting in September.
  • 1st October and 31st December for courses starting in January 

Download Immunisation Report Template 


If you have any difficulty completing this questionnaire online, you can download a printable version. 

Printed forms are also available from the UOP’s placement office.