Current visiting times

After suspending visiting earlier in the year, we are now able to offer limited visiting to some wards at the discretion of the nurse in-charge.”

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Messages for loved ones and keeping in touch

We recognise the impact that a long stay in hospital can have on families and the importance of maintaining strong communication.  Our ward staff are keeping in touch with patients’ next of kin directly and our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) can help pass on personal messages from family and friends.

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Current visiting times

After suspending visiting earlier in the year, we are now able to offer limited visiting to some wards at the discretion of the nurse in-charge.”

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Messages for loved ones and keeping in touch

We recognise the impact that a long stay in hospital can have on families and the importance of maintaining strong communication.  Our ward staff are keeping in touch with patients’ next of kin directly and our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) can help pass on personal messages from family and friends.

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During your stay in hospital you will meet a number of different members of staff.  All members of staff wear name badges, but if you are not sure who someone is or what they do, please feel free to ask them to introduce themselves and explain what they do. 

If you have any questions about your treatment, please ask a doctor or a nurse.

There are lots of opportunities for you to get involved with the Trust, from volunteering to attending our public meetings, our Annual General Meeting or our hospital open day which is held every year.

Meet the Team

Last updated: 29 April 2021

Professor Mike Cummings was appointed as Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology in 1996.He is also Honorary Professor in Diabetes and Endocrinology at Portsmouth University.

His major areas of interest in Diabetes are linked to cardiovascular disease and risks (in particular dyslipidaemia and microalbuminuria), diabetes and pregnancy and erectile dysfunction. He also has a specialist interest in thyroid lumps ( and leads a joint thyroid lump service with Mr.Yiangou) and hypogonadism. His research interests are in endothelial dysfunction, oxidative stress and dysglycaemia.

Dr. Iain Cranston joined the team at Portsmouth in 2001. He has specialist interests in intensified insulin therapy (including pump therapy, diabetes monitoring technology and problematic hypoglycaemia) and renal disease in diabetes.

He is the physician lead for the diabetes-renal clinic and the intensive insulin/insulin pump clinics which run alongside the intensified insulin education programme, known locally as JIGSAW.

Dr Darryl Meeking has developed developed particular areas of interest in diabetic foot disease, hyperparathyroidism and adrenal disease.

He helped to established a multidisciplinary foot group which meets regularly and has achieved national recognition through the Department of Health’s Best Practice website.

Dr Darryl Meeking also takes part in a multidisciplinary meeting with surgical, radiology, nursing and biochemistry colleagues to help improve the management of patients with masses within the adrenal gland.

Dr Partha Kar joined the trust in August 2008.

Professor Partha Kar is the National Specialty Advisor for Diabetes with NHS England. He also holds a full time job as a Consultant in Portsmouth. He has been the Clinical Director of Diabetes in Portsmouth from 2009-2015, being part of a multiple national award-winning department (HSJ Awards / BMJ Awards) due to its services and care provided.

Among his work has been enabling access of Freestyle Libre to the NHS in 2019 as well as ensuring CGM will be available for all Type 1 diabetes pregnancy from 2020. He has also led on developing the Language Matters document along with the Type 1 diabetes information portal on NHS Choices.

Locally, he has helped develop the Super Six Diabetes model of care, adopted by many areas within the NHS

He is an avid user of social media such as twitter (@parthaskar) to engage with patients - and has been recognised as a "Social Media Pioneer" by HSJ in 2014.

He is also the co-creator of TAD talks (Talking About Diabetes) and the Type 1 Diabetes comic (“Origins”) while also involved in setting up a Type 1 Diabetes information portal (

Other work has involved him negotiating changes to GP contracts based on frailty and revised diabetes targets, developing a virtual reality programme to improve hospital safety and starting work on increased mental health access for diabetes patients across the NHS.

Dr Eveleigh Nicholson



Julie Taylor

Julie qualified in 1996 and has worked since then in general medicine at St Mary’s and Queen Alexandra Hospital. Most recently Julie spent three years as a ward manager in Cardiology obtaining two gold accreditations for patient care and ward management.

In 2015 Julie joined the diabetes team. She is Lead nurse for the diabetes inpatient service which supports the acutely unwell patients with diabetes on the wards, and, all ward staff whether nursing or medical, in helping the management of those patients.

Julie is part of the Young Persons and Transition teams who work to help enable young adults to manage their diabetes appropriately.

Her diabetes interests lie in helping to support the Trust in safely managing inpatient diabetes and also has an interest in mental health issues around both inpatient and outpatient environments.


Lisa Skinner

Lisa joined the department in 2000, is the lead nurse and is currently the clinical lead for the service.

Her specialist interests centre around intensified insulin management and education and her clinical activities reflect this with her providing input to clinics for those with Type 1 diabetes, the intensive insulin and insulin pump clinics and education for both patients and staff.

She can be contacted via the reception desk on 023 9228 6260.


Megan D'Arcy

Megan qualified in 2009 beginning her nursing career in Cardiology based at Queen Alexandra Hospital. During that time Endocrinology joined Cardiology where her interest in diabetes developed. Megan became the Link Nurse between the ward and the Diabetes team cascading information to ward staff to keep them up to date with diabetes management and policies.

Megan joined the Diabetes team in 2014. She spends most of her working week in the inpatient team but also will see patients who require diabetes review post discharge from hospital. Aside from delivering education, her diabetes interests include management of frailty, elderly medicine and genetics.


Michaela Rushforth

Michaela qualified in 1993 moving into District Nursing where she spent around 13 years. The majority of the time in District Nursing she took on the additional role of diabetes link. As a District Nurse, Michaela found a passion for providing education to students and families; a passion which led to her nomination for the ‘best place to work’ award for her team.

Before joining the diabetes team in 2017, Michaela held the position of Practice Nurse leading diabetes. She obtained her diabetes diploma in 2011. Michaela works as a part of the diabetes inpatient team continuing her interest in teaching staff and particularly patients all aspects relating to diabetes whether type 1 or type 2.


Sarah Moutter

Sarah, who has been a Diabetes Specialist Nurse since 2001, is the lead Diabetes Nurse for the pregnancy service.

She is a trained educator for the DESMOND programme (Diabetes Education Self-Management and Ongoing and Newly diagnosed) and facilitates patient groups (3 sessions a month). She has also recently joined as the lead Nurse in ED services.

Sarah also manages an intermediate nurse led unit within Portsmouth PCT and sees patients that have been referred by primary care practices who have sub-optimal control and require education to help them self-manage their diabetes. She is working with a group of surgeries within Portsmouth City who have joined together to form a GP Alliance.


Sharon Allard

Since 2003, Sharon has worked as a diabetes specialist nurse within the multidisciplinary team of the Portsmouth diabetes service, which she feels compliments her other role within the department as a Research Nurse. Her role enables her to autonomously assess, plan and implement evidence based specialist care for her patients. She works within the diabetes inpatient team providing specialist care for the patients with diabetes on the wards at Queen Alexandra Hospital.

She is involved in group education, which includes being a trained educator for the DESMOND Programme, providing structured education for self-management for people newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.


Tracey Curtis

Tracey qualified as an RGN in 1986 and as an RM in 1990. She joined the diabetes team in 2015 following many years working in publishing on diabetes related books and journals. She has a degree and is currently working towards a masters.

Tracey is Lead nurse for the renal/diabetes service providing inpatient support for the Wessex renal unit as well as running a renal/diabetes outpatient clinic. Also, she supports the inpatient diabetes team and provides hospital wide education.

Her diabetes interests include renal disease and diabetes, management of diabetes peri-operatively, treatment and management of obesity, and delivery of education to patients and staff. Alongside her role within the diabetes centre she works as a part-time lecturer in the School of Health Sciences and Social Work at the University of Portsmouth.


Jean Munday joined the department in 1997 and has had various nursing roles in research, diabetes and endocrinology since then.

Since 2002, as Endocrine Nurse Specialist. she started to develop a nurse-led service for local endocrine patients.  This service has expanded over the years to investigate, treat and support patients with a larger range of endocrine conditions.  Jean is now Lead Nurse for Endocrinology.  She has a pivotal role within the endocrine team as a whole, developing and monitoring pathways of care, governance and policies..

Jean is actively involved in the care of patients with pituitary, adrenal, transition and Turner's Syndrome.  However her specialised interest is thyroid disease, both thyroid dysfunction and cancer.  She is working with NICE to develop Guidelines for the Management of Thyroid Disease and is a member of the working party updating guidance on Management of Low Risk Thyroid Cancer in the UK

Jean has a national profile too.  She completed several terms of office, including Vice Chair, on the Society for Endocrinology Nurses Committee.  She has also been involved with the SfE Peer Review group, participating in peer review of other endocrine centres in the UK.

Jeanette, along with her colleague Sue Beaden, provides a dietetic service to adults with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and works as part of a multidisciplinary team. Jeanette has worked as a Specialist Diabetes Dietitian since 1995.  They are also involved in multi-structural education programmes including JIGSAW and the Basal Bolus Conversion Group.

They provide a range of training to hospital and community based professionals and act as an expert resource for our dietetic colleagues.

Jeanette's specialities include the Pregnancy service where she gives advice to Type 1and 2 and Gestational diabetics and also give pre-conceptional dietary advice. She is also part of Young Persons service where she works alongside both the children and adult multidisciplinary staff.

Sharon Steele works as the Podiatry Pathway Lead for the at-risk foot.  This role encompasses her clinical lead responsibility for the diabetic foot which is the focus of her clinical work.  

She works alongside Dr Meeking in the weekly diabetic foot clinic in the diabetes centre, as part of the "diabetes foot team" where they jointly see people with a range of acute and chronic foot conditions. 

Outside of the diabetes centre she works in a range of settings and liaises with other disciplines such as Vascular Surgeons, Orthotist and Nursing colleagues to assess, treat and prevent foot complications.


Jan Clark and Geraldine Bartholomew

Jan and Geraldine are Healthcare Support Workers who organise patient lists and medical notes, enabling the smooth running of the various clinics.

Jan and Geraldine greet patients on their arrival, measure their weight and test the urine sample (if required) prior to the Consultant review along with ensuring patient comfort.

They will also try to answer any non-medical queries you may have about diabetes equipment and may demonstrate and supply new meters and insulin pens.

Sue Rose

Sue joined the Diabetes and Endocrine team in 2004 as a clerical officer/receptionist.
Since October 2017 she has been the Administration Team Leader for the department. Her responsibilities include overseeing the Administration and Secretarial teams, validating performance, template changes and managing the waiting lists.

Caroline Parnell and Lorraine Woods

Caroline and Lorraine are the Medical Secretaries supporting the 5 Consultants and our junior doctors. They are also available to help our staff and patients over 4 of our working days.

Michelle Gammage, Julie Wheeler and Linda Sutton

Michelle, Julie and Linda are our front-line staff. They share the Reception within the Diabetes Centre. Their main task is to assist in the smooth running of the department in a friendly but professional manner.

Their tasks include meeting and greeting both patients and healthcare professionals, booking follow-up appointments, using E-Referral to access all new referrals, and cancelling clinics.

They also man the main telephone line into the department, dealing with a large amount of calls on a daily basis and acting as switchboard for the department as a whole.

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