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Q: Why are there two scenarios ?


A: This is so the candidates can reflect on their feedback on their first attempt and make the necessary improvements and embed the learning on their 2nd attempt. As a learning experience this was received extremely well by the candidates and faculty on the pilot courses.


Q: What role should the candidate play for their scenario?


A: The scenarios have been written for v4 to be quite general to ensure they are fit for purpose for all candidates whether or not they have done any other life support training or are a Dr, nurse, or other healthcare professional. This was done to enable the facilitator to tailor the course of the scenario to the candidate with the aim of the candidates being able to assess, manage and escalate care based on their own skills set/experience, rather than nurses pretending to be Dr’s for example.


Q: What is the Record of Learning used for:


A:  The Record of Learning is evidence for the Foundation Doctor Curriculum sign off and nurses revalidation as requested at the last two Network Days. How we managed it in Portsmouth on the last few courses is the course facilitator initials a master copy pre-course which Administrator puts the candidate name and course date on for us assuming they will all achieve. We then hand them out at the end of the course if they achieve the learning outcomes and for those that don’t achieve we meet with them to discuss the plan for some 1-1 practice.


Q: Can we make up our own scenarios to use?


A: Yes you don’t have to use the scenarios provided and if you want to write your own scenarios using the template in the v4 course materials and send to ALERT HQ for approval.

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