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SeHCAT Information


These studies will provide information regarding the function of the gastro-intestinal system, by imaging the abdominal area following the administration of 75Se-tauroselcholic acid (SeHCAT).

SeHCAT capsules are used to study the behaviour of bile acids in the digestive system for the following reasons:

  • Diarrhoea clinically suggestive of intestinal malabsorption

  • Diagnosis of idiopathic malabsorption and evaluation of irritable bowel syndrome

  • Post-surgical malabsorption (ileal resection, vagotomy or cholecystectomy)

SeHCAT Procedure

Patients are given a SeHCAT capsule which behaves in a similar manner to bile acid already present within the body. Images are acquired, by a member of our team, 3 hours later and the following week using a gamma camera to asses the retention of 75Se.

Patient Preparation

Please telephone the department to inform us of any medication you are currently on as soon as you receive this letter. Bile acid
sequestrants must be stopped prior to this scan, a member of the team will advise you on whether you need to stop taking any of your medication. If you are advised to stop taking bile acid sequestrants; you should not have any the day before your appointment and for the following 7 days. You may resume taking them after the second appointment.

If you have been referred to our department for SeHCAT scan, please feel free to download the patient information sheet below.

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Last updated - 16 August 2019
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