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Maternity Units

If you are booked under a Consultant Obstetrician because you require the care of a Specialist Midwife, Obstetrician, Anaesthetist or Paediatrician, your birth will be booked for Queen Alexandra Hospital's Maternity Unit.  There is a team of Obstetricians and Midwives available 24 hours a day on site to ensure that your baby is delivered quickly.

The anaesthetists are available to help deliver extra levels of pain relief as well as make sure that you are safely and comfortably looked after, if your baby needs you to have an operation to ensure they are delivered safely.

The paediatricians are present to ensure that your baby receives the best care possible in the shortest possible time, should your baby be struggling following childbirth.

Our labour ward has 14 beds, one with a birthing pool, and two theatres reserved for the use of ladies in labour, should you need them. 

There are two wards where you may spend more time before (antenatal) and after (postnatal) your baby's delivery which are B6 and B7.  There are single rooms on the Maternity Inpatient wards which can be booked/requested.  Click here for further information.

Your midwife will tell you when to attend for your scans.  We have a machine in our Antenatal Clinic which produces scan photographs, at a charge of £4.50 for 2/3 pictures so it is best to bring some £1 coins and 50p pieces with you when you attend.

Click here for information on looking after your belongings whilst in hospital.

Click here for an inpatient safety leaflet.


We are one of only a few Trusts in the country to offer ladies six places to have their baby

  1. A consultant led unit with one of the UK's best neonatal units at Queen Alexandra Hospital
  2. A midwifery led unit at Queen Alexandra Hospital (the Mary Rose Unit)
  3. A midwifery led unit at The Grange
  4. A midwifery led unit at Blakes
  5. Home births
  6. The Portsmouth Maternity Centre 

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Last updated - 18 November 2016
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