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A stay in hospital can be a daunting time for anyone whether it is for a short or long time. But having someone with you can help you recover and make you feel more at ease.

Keeping in contact with friends and family is important to patients. It is recognised that a balance is needed between maintaining that contact and allowing for rest and recuperation. In response to feedback from patients, families and carers wards and departments have local guidelines about visiting times so please do check before visiting.

At Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, we are proud to provide expert, compassionate care.

We are here for our local population of about 675,000 residents across Portsmouth and south east Hampshire and care for many people beyond, including providing some tertiary services to a catchment area of more than 2m people.

During your stay in hospital you will meet a number of different members of staff.  All members of staff wear name badges, but if you are not sure who someone is or what they do, please feel free to ask them to introduce themselves and explain what they do. 

If you have any questions about your treatment, please ask a doctor or a nurse.

There are lots of opportunities for you to get involved with the Trust, from volunteering to attending our public meetings, our Annual General Meeting or our hospital open day which is held every year.

Maternity Units

Last updated: 10 December 2019

If you are booked under a Consultant Obstetrician because you require the care of a Specialist Midwife, Obstetrician, Anaesthetist or Paediatrician, your birth will be booked for Queen Alexandra Hospital's Maternity Unit.  There is a team of Obstetricians and Midwives available 24 hours a day on site to ensure that your baby is delivered quickly.

The anaesthetists are available to help deliver extra levels of pain relief as well as make sure that you are safely and comfortably looked after, if your baby needs you to have an operation to ensure they are delivered safely.

The paediatricians are present to ensure that your baby receives the best care possible in the shortest possible time, should your baby be struggling following childbirth.

Our labour ward has 14 beds, one with a birthing pool, and two theatres reserved for the use of ladies in labour, should you need them.

There are two wards where you may spend more time before (antenatal) and after (postnatal) your baby's delivery which are B6 and B7.  There are single rooms on the Maternity Inpatient wards which can be booked/requested.  Click for amenity room information.

Your midwife will tell you when to attend for your scans.  We have a machine in our Antenatal Clinic which produces scan photographs, at a charge of £4.50 for 2/3 pictures so it is best to bring some £1 coins and 50p pieces with you when you attend.

Click here for information on looking after your belongings whilst in hospital.

Click here for an inpatient safety leaflet.

We are one of only a few Trusts in the country to offer ladies six places to have their baby
A consultant led unit with one of the UK's best neonatal units at Queen Alexandra Hospital
A midwifery led unit at Queen Alexandra Hospital (the Mary Rose Unit)
A midwifery led unit at The Grange
A midwifery led unit at Blakes
Home births
The Portsmouth Maternity Centre

Mary Rose Maternity Centre, Ward B5, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth
Staffed by highly experienced and qualified midwives and Maternity Support Workers, Mary Rose Maternity Centre is a co-located unit, within Queen Alexandra Hospital, that offers expectant mothers a relaxed and peaceful “home away from home”.

As well as midwife-led birthing, we offer postnatal support in practices such as breastfeeding.  If you and your baby are well enough we would encourage you to go home as soon as possible after birth with postnatal support from a Maternity Support Worker and midwife.

What is a Maternity Centre?

The vast majority of pregnancies are completely normal, without complication or cause for concern.  In these circumstances, many women feel that there is no need for them to be in a hospital environment and prefer to have a more natural birth in a fully equipped Midwife-led Maternity Centre nearer to home.


  • Birthing pool
  • Variety of pain relief alternatives
  • Bath and shower room facilities
  • Communal lounge and dining room to share experiences with other new mothers

With regard to the birthing pool, partners/husbands are welcome to accompany the expectant mother into the pool but shorts or a swimming costume are a must!  A CD player is available in the room but you are of course welcome to bring an iPod or iPad in with you to play your favourite music.

Will I be safe?

There is research that suggests for women who have had healthy pregnancies and are expected to have straightforward deliveries, the less medical intervention there is in a delivery, the more benefits there are for both mother and baby.  Examples include lower postnatal depression rates and increased chance of successful breastfeeding.

Women have said they feel more empowered, relaxed and satisfied from “normal” births.

In case of emergency, or need of a doctor for mother or baby, Mary Rose Maternity Centre is located adjacent to Queen Alexandra’s Maternity Unit (Wards B6/B7 and the Labour Ward (B8) - click here for a map of B Level.

Visiting Hours

Partner visiting is between 9am – 9pm.  For all other visitors, visiting is between 2pm to 7pm.

Visitors will be issued with a coloured pass on arrival at the Maternity Visitors’ Reception to wards B5/B6/B7 and, once both passes have been issued, we regret that no further visitors will be permitted on to the ward.

Patients’ own children do not require passes and are permitted to visit but we regret that no other children are permitted to visit.

Patients and visitors are asked to ensure that each pass is handed back to Reception before leaving and visitors are also asked to wait in the refreshment areas of the main hospital if waiting for a pass to become available and not to congregate in the corridor outside the Maternity Unit.

We are delighted to be able to offer you another choice when deciding how you want to deliver your baby at The Grange in Petersfield, where you can receive the comfort of a "home from home" environment with the presence of qualified midwives.

However, not only are we just able to care for you expertly during your labour, but we can now also offer you antenatal and postnatal clinics - every day of the week.

You are also able to discuss our services with your midwife to suit your needs and to fit in with whatever plan you have for your pregnancy, birth and postnatal care - for instance you could:

have all your care delivered by our midwifery-led unit, spending your time getting to know a small group of midwives, so that you know that the care for you and your baby will be centred around your wishes and expectations

ask for your antenatal care to be delivered by your own midwife and GP and then come to us for a birth at one of our two birthing rooms - one has a birthing pool and the other is an "active birth room", with its bean bags, birthing stools and mats. We also have the ability and training to offer you extra ways of relieving your pain, should you need it

You don't even have to live in Petersfield to come to The Grange
Although, The Grange is a small, personal unit in which to have your baby in, our doors are open to you, no matter where you live.

If you live anywhere in West Sussex, Hampshire or Surrey and are interested in learning how you could have any aspect of your pregnancy, birth or postnatal care delivered in a small, comfortable unit which is permanently staffed by a group of highly trained midwives, simply call 023 8231 0580 between 8am and 5pm to chat to one of our senior midwives.

Voicemail - 023 8231 0581
Fax - 023 8231 0582

Our Blake Birthing Centre, which we refer to as "Blakes", is another one of our three midwife led units that we offer at Portsmouth Hospital.

It is based in the Gosport area and has about 150 births a year.

You can find Blakes at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital in Bury Road, Gosport. For those of you with satellite navigation, the post code is PO12 3PW. Feel free to call us on 023 92524611.

A state-of-the-art maternity centre opened on 8 December 2011 within the new £18.6m St Mary’s Community Healthcare Campus in Milton, which replaces the existing Maternity Centre.
The Portsmouth Maternity Centre is a midwifery-led unit and is staffed by highly experienced midwives and maternity support workers who will offer a relaxed atmosphere to give birth 24 hours a day.

The centre is located on the second floor of block A and will offer antenatal and postnatal clinics, including parent education, breastfeeding workshops and support groups, and two en suite birthing rooms, with one housing a water birth pool.

The Trust is fully committed to providing the highest standard of care for expectant mothers and their babies. The Maternity Centre will act as another birth choice in addition to the already successful range of childbirth choices that are offered for the people of Portsmouth and its surrounding areas; this includes the option of the Mary Rose Maternity Centre and the main maternity unit at Queen Alexandra Hospital, a homebirth, a birth at The Grange Maternity Centre in Petersfield, or a birth at the Blake Maternity Centre in Gosport.

Please feel free to contact the Centre on 023 8054 0777 for more information.

The Portsmouth Maternity Centre is located at:
Second Floor, Block A
St Mary's Community Healthcare Campus
Milton Road, Portsmouth

Tel: 023 8054 0777
Fax: 023 9268 0121

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