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Infant Feeding


However you feed your baby, it is important you receive good clear information to help you feel confident and reassure you that the feeding is going well.

Research shows that breastfeeding provides many benefits for babies and mothers, to find out more please visit the antenatal page to find out where you can access valuable information on antenatal breastfeeding classes and antenatal hand expressing. 

If you have already had your baby and feel like you need extra support or information, whether breast or bottle feeding your baby please visit the postnatal page.

Whether you choose to breast, bottle or mixed feed your baby, please access this link Healthy Feeding Healthy Weight booklet for more information.

Skin to skin has many benefits for babies, mums and partners, please see poster below and speak to your midwife for further information.




S 2 S poster

Please see below links to further information regarding infant feeding

Last updated - 07 June 2019
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