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X-ray and Scanning

If you have an out-patient appointment then you are more then likely to have it within our x-ray and scanning department situated on C-level, please check your appointment letter.

This department encompasses a range of imaging modalities other than plain x-ray, Please report to the main reception within x-ray and scanning where the receptionists can direct you, or follow the signs.

We have a fracture and orthopaedic outpatient clinic adjacent to the left.

From the x-ray and scanning reception you will be directed to the following waiting areas which are coloured:

Waiting Area A – Purple
Waiting Area B – Yellow
Fluoroscopy waiting area - Orange
Ultrasound/CT & MRI/DEXA – Dark Blue



For any plain x-ray appointments, you will be directed to one of three waiting areas, please sit in the correct section to avoid delays:

Main waiting area of X-ray & Scanning:

GP/respiratory/oncology & fluoroscopy referrals.

Head right from main reception desk and around to the left:

Waiting area A is for:

Orthopaedic clinic/rheumatoid/urology/vascular/podiatrists/physiotherapists/any trials/out-patient follow-up imaging.

Waiting area B is for:

Pre-booked GP referrals

Fluoroscopy waiting area is for:

Barium swallows, Barium meal, Barium follow-through, Gastrograffin enema, Bowel transit study. Arthrograms (CT, MRI, Therapeutic)

Sialogram, Sinogram, Micturating cystogram, Hysterosalpingram (HSG), Herniogram, Gastric bands, proctogram.

Fluoroscopy Paediatric appointments:

Swallow, Micturating cystogram, barium follow-through, barium meal, defecating proctogram.

Ultrasound/CT/MRI/DEXA appointments:

This reception desk is found past the fluoroscopy waiting area. If you are unsure report to X-ray and Scanning receptionist desk and you will be directed from there.


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Last updated - 28 October 2014
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