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Welcome to the Portsmouth NHS Radiology Department

Radiology is the specialty which uses technology to create internal images of the body to diagnose and sometimes treat diseases. In the past, images were created by x-ray machines but today other imaging technologies such as ultrasound, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear medicine and mammography are used singularly or in combination for best diagnosis, treat planning and follow up.

For Nuclear Medicine studies, a small amount of radioactivity is injected into the patient, rather than the patient being exposed to x-rays.

Interventional radiology uses imaging as a guide to perform a therapeutic procedure, usually one which is minimally invasive (keyhole or pinhole, rather than open, surgery).

The department is split between X-ray and Scanning primarily for outpatients and the Radiology Day Case Unit (RDCU) which is for inpatients and interventional procedures. It is also an accredited training department for both radiologists and radiographers.

We are a teaching hospital so there will be students present/undertaking examinations.


Location on site

X-ray and Scanning Department, C Level, via the North Entrance in the new part of the building

Radiology Day Case Unit (RDCU), C Level via the North Entrance in the old part of the building

Nuclear Medicine Department, C Level via the North Entrance in via the old part of the building (between the old and new build link corridor)

Paediatric Department, A Level via the main entrance

Mammography Department, D Level, Lift Area 1

ED X-ray via the ED Department

Other Locations :

For appointments or day case procedures please ensure you read your appointment letter to find your required department, it will be either RDCU, X-ray and Scanning, Nuclear Medicine or Paediatric X-ray, Mammography.

Please give yourself time before your appointment for parking and locating your way to the department especially if this is your first visit.

Please see diagram below.


C Level

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Last updated - 04 May 2016

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