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Fluoroscopy is an x-ray procedure that makes it possible to see internal organs in motion.

There is a fluoroscopy room within the radiology department x-ray and scanning department and the radiology day case unit. The majority of work undertaken is gastro-intestinal and urology examinations. These include:

  • Barium meals  (x-ray examination of the stomach)
  • Barium swallows (x-ray examination of the oesophagus)
  • Small bowel meals (x-ray examination of the small intestine)
  • Gastrograffin enemas (x-ray examination of the large bowel)
  • Water soluble contrast studies

In addition to these gastro-intestinal procedures, the service also performs:

  • Sinography (to reveal the path of an unhealed wound sinus)
  • Cystography  (x-ray examination of the bladder)
  • Urethrography (x-ray examination of the urethra)
  • Arthrograms (Dynamic joint imaging and pain injections)
  • Sialography  (x-ray examination of the salivary glands)
  • Hysterosalpinography (x-ray examination of the fallopian tubes)

Further procedures are undertaken in collaboration with other departments:

Video swallows (dynamic radiological examination of the swallowing mechanism involving the Speech & Language department)

Diagnostic and interventional procedures in conjunction with the Endoscopy department


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