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What is Fraud

What is Fraud?

Fraud is a criminal offence as defined by the Fraud Act 2006.

Most commonly it occurs when a person dishonestly makes a false representation in order to gain for themselves or cause loss to another.

The type of offences for which a person could be prosecuted includes:

  • Fraud by False Representation - Lying about something with the intention to cause a gain or a loss
  • Fraud by Failure to Disclose Information - Not declaring something when you have a legal duty to do so
  • Fraud by Abuse of Position - Where there is an expectation to safeguard the financial interest of another

If a person is found to have committed fraud it is likely that they have also broken their terms of their contract of employment and/or professional codes of conduct.

In summary; fraud is a dishonest act which is committed with the intention of making a gain or causing loss or risk of loss to another. If ever you are presented with a situation whereby you think that your Health Body or its representatives are being deceived by someone in order to receive something that they shouldn’t, you should report your concerns immediately.

Please find below the downloadable version of Fraud Matters: 

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Last updated - 24 June 2014
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