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Adult Hearing Services

Hearing is gradually lost as part of the aging process. More than half of people over the age of 60 have some degree of hearing loss.

Hearing aids do not cure age-related deafness, but modern digital hearing aids can make a huge difference and enable full participation in everyday life.





The Hearing Aid Patient Journey...

1. Your GP needs to conduct a small number of quick checks to confirm your hearing loss is age-related. They will then refer you to the Audiology Service.

2. An appointment will be sent and you will attend one of the Audiology Service locations below for a hearing assessment that will take less than an hour.

  • Bognor Regis Hospital
  • Fareham Community Hospital
  • Gosport War Memorial Hospital
  • Highland Road Medical Centre, Fareham
  • Petersfield Hospital
  • Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham
  • St. Mary’s Hospital, Newport, Isle of Wight
  • St. Richards Hospital, Chichester


3. If it is decided they are needed then you will be added onto a waitlist to be fitted with hearing aids and given instructions on their use. You are not charged for the aids. Teh required small batteries are also provided free of charge.


4. A third and final visit is usually arranged a few months later to see how you are getting on and to make any final required adjustments to the hearing aids. From this point on you are able to collect free batteries from most health centres in the region, and if there is ever a problem with the hearing aids then they can be taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital to be repaired. Repair services are also provided at several of the other hospitals.

The Hearing Aid Repair service at Queen Alexandra Hospital is Changing
From the 31st August 2018 the drop in clinic will no longer be running. If you need
a hearing aid repair or re-tube you will need to make an appointment. Additional
appointments for re-tubing ONLY will start on the 2nd July in the afternoons.
Please Ring 02392286289 to book your appointment or email Dept.audiology@porthosp.nhs.uk

5. Some people will need to be referred on for additional help with their hearing loss


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Last updated - 29 March 2019
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