Interactive Floor for the Paediatrics Emergency Department

Date: 07 July 2021

Interactive floor


Hospital can be quite daunting for anyone, but especially for our younger patients. Thanks to generous donations, we’ve funded an interactive floor for the waiting room in the Paediatrics Emergency Department.

Over the past year, many of the toys in the department have been removed due to infection control but the interactive floor has worked as a great alternative as it can be used by any child that visits.

The floor allows children to play games and watch videos which can help distract and relax them before tests or observations.

Staff in the department have already seen the benefits “When the children walk in, it’s something fun and exciting for them and makes the area less scary. It gives children and staff something to talk about and helps build relationships between them, even the doctors like to join in on the fun!

But most importantly, it lets children be children and do what they do best, which is play!”

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