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Visiting suspended at Queen Alexandra Hospital (QA)


A stay in hospital can be a daunting time for anyone whether it is for a short or long time. But having someone with you can help you recover and make you feel more at ease.

Keeping in contact with friends and family is important to patients. It is recognised that a balance is needed between maintaining that contact and allowing for rest and recuperation. In response to feedback from patients, families and carers wards and departments have local guidelines about visiting times so please do check before visiting. 

Visiting suspended at Queen Alexandra Hospital (QA)


At Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, we are proud to provide expert, compassionate care.

We are here for our local population of about 675,000 residents across Portsmouth and south east Hampshire and care for many people beyond, including providing some tertiary services to a catchment area of more than 2m people.

During your stay in hospital you will meet a number of different members of staff.  All members of staff wear name badges, but if you are not sure who someone is or what they do, please feel free to ask them to introduce themselves and explain what they do. 

If you have any questions about your treatment, please ask a doctor or a nurse.

There are lots of opportunities for you to get involved with the Trust, from volunteering to attending our public meetings, our Annual General Meeting or our hospital open day which is held every year.

Our Vision

Last updated: 09 December 2019

Our five-year strategy, “Working Together,” was launched in July 2018, on the 70th anniversary of the creation of the NHS. It sets out our ambitious vision for our Trust:

"Working together to drive excellence in care for our patients and communities”

The strategy identifies key areas we are focusing on to improve and build on the high quality services we already provide. Tackling some of our longstanding challenges, supporting and developing staff and a focus on research and development are priorities.

Our strategy was developed by listening to our staff, patients, partners and members of our local community. Their feedback provided the basis of our strategic aims:

Our strategy provides the framework for all that we do. Our strategic aims are incorporated into our business and financial planning. Our reporting from ward to Board is aligned to our strategic aims and we will only undertake projects that will help us to achieve these aims. Our performance is judged by our success in delivering the strategic aims, in-line with our four core Trust values of working together for patients, with compassion, as one team and always improving.

Within the strategy we have committed to doing a number of things to deliver real change for patients and staff, including:

  • Getting the basics right and delivering high quality care across all services
  • Developing our people
  • Strengthening our relationship with Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force colleagues
  • Tackling some of our longstanding challenges such as urgent care and improving patient experience in the Emergency Department
  • Building on our expertise in research and development to support improvement and innovation
  • Living within our means and ensuring services are financially sustainable
  • Working with partners to offer joined up care to patients with pathways forces around the patient rather than organisations

Delivery of the strategy is overseen by the Board and we seek ongoing feedback from patient groups, partners and the local community.

National and Local Context

The NHS Long Term Plan, published in January 2019, highlights a renewed focus on prevention, including action to help people live healthier lives for longer, and ensuring our growing, ageing population can get the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

This means giving people greater control over their own healthcare and ensuring services are joined up effectively to benefit patients, while driving improvements in quality of care.

We are committed to working with our partners and our relationships have continued to go from strength to strength in the last 18 months. Partnership working is central to the delivery of our strategy and we are working closely in collaboration across the Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP).

The STP is where local health and care organisations have come together to agree how best to meet the challenges and opportunities facing our local communities. You can find out more about the STP and the plan for how we will work together to transform services.

We are a key partner in the Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Integrated Care Partnership (ICP). The aims and ambitions of the system are reflected in our Trust Strategy.

Our strategy is supported by a detailed implementation plan (updated quarterly to Trust Board) which outlines activities, programmes and projects undertaken to deliver our strategic aims.

Examples of how we are implementing the Trust Strategy include our programme to transform emergency care across Portsmouth and South East Hampshire, as part of the Building Better Emergency Care programme.

We report to our Board every month on how we are performing against national targets including quality and safety, operational performance, workforce and organisational development and finance.  This also shows how we are delivering against our annual Operating Plan.

More information is available in our Integrated Performance Report .

We are committed to seeking real time feedback around the areas of real improvement that matter the most to the communities we serve. We continually seek feedback from patients and their families about their experiences and via engagement events within our community, strengthening our approach to make further improvements based on their views. More patient experience information is available here.

Our enabling strategies also underpin the work to deliver our plans:

View our “What We Heard” document.

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