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2019 Winners

Jan 2018 Winner Molecular Team

The Surgical Assessment Unit (SAU) - January 2019

The SAU team received a heart-warming plaudit from Natasha Bates, Adult Student Nurse. Natasha describes the team as friendly, welcoming and kind. The SAU team helped alleviate any fears that Natasha had at the time of starting her placement. In Natasha’s plaudit, she makes a special reference to Jemma Sheehy, Sarah Wright, Kelly Cole and Marion Dean and states that these are some of the nicest people she has ever met and were very supportive to her during a personal difficult time in her placement. Natasha praises how knowledgeable the whole SAU team are especially Tiago Lima who taught her so much and never made her feel silly when she asked a question. Natasha ends her plaudit to say that every student should have a placement on SAU to see how professional, knowledgeable, caring and fun loving all the staff are and she would like to thank them for making her feel so welcome.”

Nicola Wragg, CT and MRI Superintendent  - February 2018

Alison Maylum and Angela Murphy, Clerical Officers in Haematology and Oncology - February 2019

Alison and Angela work tirelessly to book patients into the Haematology and Oncology Day Unit taking into account patient preference balanced against the capacity of the unit. It can be a struggle to schedule over 100-120 patients per day into a very busy Day Unit but Alison and Angela always show compassion to patients when talking to them in the unit and over the phone. Despite the immense pressure and stress placed on them to book urgent chemotherapy treatments in, they always work with a smile and nothing is too much trouble to support other members within the Haematology and Oncology team including consultants, staff nurses, and other administrative staff. As well as managing all bookings within the unit, Alison and Angela manage Haematology patients who require ongoing blood transfusions through checking their results against a prescribed target and advising patients if they require transfusions or not. Many patients know them by name and are all very grateful for the work both Angela and Alison do. Sarah describes Alison and Angela as an asset to the team and claims the unit would not run as smoothly without their ongoing input.

Nicola Wragg, CT and MRI Superintendent  - February 2018

Lisa Clarke - Midwife, Wendy Ayling - Mortuary Manager and Revd. Julie Jones - Chaplain - March 2019

Lisa, Wendy and Julie have been selected as the Employee of the Month winners for March 2019 because of the outstanding care, understanding and compassion they have shown in gathering memories for parents who had lost a child. These members of staff, in discussion with the family, explored the options available in order to give the parents something to remember their baby by. With compassion and sensitivity they collected hand and foot prints. Julie was moved by the way Lisa and Wendy took a great deal of time and effort to get the prints which could be treasured alongside the beautiful photos Lisa had taken of the baby. Lisa, Wendy and Julie are recognised as employees of the month for their collaborative working in gathering memories which will help the parents to grieve during this very difficult time.

Jan 2018 Winner Molecular Team

Claire Whitehill - Vascular Access Nurse Specialist - April 2019

Claire Whitehill – Vascular Access Nurse Specialist was nominated for Employee of the Month by four of her colleagues. Claire was selected as the winner for April 2019 because she has created and directed the life-saving campaign “put a lid on it” for vascular access patients. This campaign will assist patients who are undergoing haemodialysis if ever they need help and support with their fistula. Claire has worked tirelessly towards this life-saving campaign and has organised a nationwide walk, personalised t-shirts, pens, flyers and banners to raise awareness. Claire’s colleagues describe her as going above and beyond the call of duty and fantastic with patients and staff.

Nicola Wragg, CT and MRI Superintendent  - February 2018

Carmella Lewendon, Healthcare Support Worker - June 2019

Carmella Lewenden – Healthcare Support Worker was nominated for Employee of the Month by Colin Beevor, Rheumatology Matron. Matron Beevor states that Carmella is a true asset to the team as she demonstrates all the trust values and often receives excellent feedback from patients. Some of the recent feedback describes Carmella as someone who always puts patients first and at ease, helpful, friendly and understanding in times of despair and always goes the extra mile to make patients feel cared for and comfortable. Matron Beevor thanks Carmella for her hard work and the contribution she makes to the team at Queen Alexandra Hospital.

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