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2018 Winners

Jan 2018 Winner Molecular Team

Molecular Team - January 2018

The Molecular Team were nominated by Kelly Bicknell who said “During Influenza season the Molecular Team has gone above and beyond to ensure rapid turnaround time of Influenza results. The team have worked tirelessly, performing between 3 and 4 influenza assay batches per day to facilitate the testing of  more than 350 Influenza patient samples per week, this is in addition to their already high workload. The additional winter pressure of flu is 4-6 times higher this year than a typical season and usually only 1 batch per day would be required to meet the demand. To fit in this extra work the team have independently organised early starts and late finishes, working together to efficiently process samples which includes preparation, extraction, manual setup, amplification, interpretation and reporting.  They have been working from 7am – 8pm Monday – Sunday including every day over the Christmas period as they understand the importance of, and pride themselves on producing, high quality results that are used for both patient management and bed flow, particularly during the winter pressures. I think these staff need to be acknowledged and thanked for all the extra work that they do behind the scenes.”

Nicola Wragg, CT and MRI Superintendent  - February 2018

Nicola Wragg, CT and MRI Superintendent - February 2018

Nicky was nominated by Amanda Diaper, Macmillan Nurse Specialist who said “I work with people who have been diagnosed with brain tumours. A brain tumour diagnosis is the most frightening of all for our patients, and needs prompt action. Our Neuro-oncology Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) happens once a week where we discuss people who have a new or progressive brain tumours on imaging. Wessex neuro prefer this to be an MRI scan as it provides clearer pictures of soft tissue than CT scan and a better idea of tumour type. We have very high demand for MRI scans at QA. Delay in diagnosis causes a huge amount of distress and anxiety to patients and family, and can result in disease progression. Nicky has, on many occasions pulled out all the stops to get a patient an MRI scan in time for MDT discussion. This has resulted in early diagnosis and early treatment for a devastating disease. Nicky is hugely supportive to me in my role as she understands the distress a delay in diagnosis causes patients and relatives, and plays a crucial part in making sure that all MDT’s, not just neuro-oncology, have access to imaging in a reasonable time frame.”

May 2018 Winner Ricardo Andre

Ricardo Andre, Staff Nurse, D6 - March 2018

Ricardo was nominated by Mrs Osborne on behalf of her mother Mrs Wallis who said “Our mum has been a patient on this ward since boxing day 2017. She has been extremely ill and we were told she was unlikely to pull through. Luckily she has and surprised everyone. We wish to nominate Ricardo Andre for employee of the month for his dedication in caring for our mum. He has been a tower of strength in his support for us all. He has treated our mum with respect and dignity. His quality of care has been over and above what we were expecting. He has kept us informed about her progress and been there to give us a kind word or extra support, without this we really feel we wouldn’t have got through this harrowing time. We think Ricardo really deserves this nomination”


Debby Johnson, Paediatric Nurse - April 2018

Debby Johnson was nominated by Sharon Ward from the Safeguarding team for demonstrating exceptional ‘Quality of Care’ and ‘Working Together’. Debby was involved in caring for a young person who was involved in gang activity and was a victim of a vicious attack. Debby’s work in relation to safeguarding this young person was excellent including extensive multi agency information sharing/communication and documentation. Debby ensured the young person’s best interests were focused on and demonstrated high level professional challenge to ensure the discharge plans were safe for the individual. Debby’s work has resulted in the young person being safer and has given a genuine opportunity for this individual to exit the gang.

March 2018 Winner Maria Pittman

Maria Pittman, Staff Nurse, Haem & Oncology - May 2018

Maria Pittman was nominated by Danielle White who said: “Maria began working in the Cancer, Haematology and Oncology Centre as a newly qualified nurse in September and has made a real impact within the team. Not only does she go above and beyond to support her colleagues but the care she is providing to our patients is outstanding. Maria received a plaudit from a family whose relative had sadly passed away, they expressed special thanks and praise to Maria in particular. They could tell that their dad was happy when she came to see him. She seemed to know exactly how to make him comfortable and really went the extra mile to ensure his comfort, that the family were always fully aware of what was happening and that they were happy with it. The family cannot praise Maria highly enough. Another relative wrote saying that they could not fault any member of the team but Maria Pittman stood out as showing exemplary compassion and initiative over their family members final days. This feedback is not unusual for Maria and I think this deserves wider recognition. “

May 2018 Winner Path Team

Pathology Sample Reception, Pathology - June 2018

The Sample Reception department consists of 25 medical laboratory assistants who deal with in excess of 5,000 pathology specimens per day and were nominated by Claire Bailey and Jennifer Wilkins for their continuous display of team work and demonstration of Trust Values. This team regularly show great team work and support each other by doing all they can to help one another get the work completed. This could be by working on a different area if their own area is clear, asking each other if they need help or asking senior staff if there is anything else they can do even if their own area has had a high workload already that day. The team show excellent examples of our Trust values, treating patients with respect and care when they visit the department. They are a hard working “behind the scenes” department who deserve recognition for all that they do to help the patient’s journey.

Jan 2018 Winner Molecular Team

Claire James,Practice Learning Facilitator - July 2018

Claire was nominated by Jill Pallister who said “Claire has worked tirelessly to support the newly registered staff through facilitation of the Preceptorship Programme. Claire has redesigned the programme based on Health Education England (HEE) standards and new registrants feedback. Evaluations for the new programme are good. Claire has worked together with ward staff, clinical educators and students to support the implementation of the Learning and Coaching for Students model of supervision within the Trust. Additionally, Claire goes above and beyond to support students who are on placement with the organisation ensuring that they have a positive learning experience”.”

Jan 2018 Winner Molecular Team

Natalie Wright - HCSW, G4 Ward - August 2018

Natalie was nominated by Mrs Hill who was a regular visitor to her mother on G4. She found it truly inspiring to see all the hard work and dedication of all of the staff on G4 but Natalie, for her, stood out by demonstrating extra dedication and compassion to all of her patients. Mrs Hill said “ I would very much like Natalie Wright to receive recognition for going that extra mile in the care of the elderly patients on G4.” Mrs Hill noticed that Natalie was professional and knowledgeable and respected by her other colleagues. It was witnessed that Natalie shows great respect and dignity to her patients, taking the time to get to know them and to understand their fears and concerns, recognising their likes and dislikes and always assisting her colleagues with a great can do attitude. Natalie truly exhibits our trust values of Working Together for Patients, with Compassion, Always Improving and as One team.

Jan 2018 Winner Molecular Team

Roy Butler, HCSW - September 2018

Jennifer Hill who was regularly visiting her friend, a patient on G3 ward, said “Roy Butler was on this ward and stood out. He was kind, caring and nothing was too much trouble. Roy was empathetic and treated all his patients with respect and helped them to keep their dignity at all times. He was always cheerful and myself and other friends were very impressed by him”. Roy demonstrates our values of working together for patients and with compassion to drive excellence in care for our patients and communities.

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