Current visiting times

We know how important it is for patients and families to be able to see visitors. Please help us keep our patients and staff as safe as possible by checking the guidance below before you visiting. 

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Messages for loved ones and keeping in touch

We recognise the impact that a long stay in hospital can have on families and the importance of maintaining strong communication.  Our ward staff are keeping in touch with patients’ next of kin directly and our Voluntary Services team can help pass on personal messages from family and friends.

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Current visiting times

After suspending visiting earlier in the year, we are now able to offer limited visiting to some wards at the discretion of the nurse in-charge.”

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Messages for loved ones and keeping in touch

We recognise the impact that a long stay in hospital can have on families and the importance of maintaining strong communication.  Our ward staff are keeping in touch with patients’ next of kin directly and our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) can help pass on personal messages from family and friends.

Read more information about messages for loved ones…

During your stay in hospital you will meet a number of different members of staff.  All members of staff wear name badges, but if you are not sure who someone is or what they do, please feel free to ask them to introduce themselves and explain what they do. 

If you have any questions about your treatment, please ask a doctor or a nurse.

There are lots of opportunities for you to get involved with the Trust, from volunteering to attending our public meetings, our Annual General Meeting or our hospital open day which is held every year.

2022 winners

Last updated: 02 February 2023

EOTM Michelle Reed


Employee of the Month: Comfort Afolahan - contracts support officer

Nomination: "The PHU CMDU (Covid Medicine Delivery Unit) team would like to nominate Comfort for the exceptional level of support she has given over the last month.

This service was set up at very short notice just before Christmas to assess community covid patients for new anti-viral medications.

Comfort went above and beyond to provide the administrative support to manage patients on a virtual ward, throughout the New Year holiday and the weekends that followed, to ensure the service kept up with its referrals.

The success of the service was thanks to Comfort and the contracts team who maintained the administration role for 4 weeks until a regular admin team could be established.

Comfort then trained the new admin team in how to deliver the role.

Without the support of the contracts team and Comfort, who delivered a role outside of their responsibility, our local patients would not have received the treatment which would keep them from requiring admission to hospital."


Team of the Month: Renal outpatients and day unit

Nomination: "The Renal Day Unit/Outpatient Department (RDU/OPD) is home to the Renal Assessment and Clinical Treatment (ReACT, a quasi-urgent care service facility), the Renal Procedure Room (where invasive urgent surgical local procedures are performed), and the Renal Day Unit itself, where life-saving treatments for renal patients are administered.

The Renal Day Unit, (a seven-bed and one cubicle facility) accommodates an average of 300 - 400 life-saving patient treatments per month. This includes the sporadic post vascular line insertion, theatre and Interventional Radiology fistula unblocking +/- plasty HD procedures. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke-out, both patient and staff sickness impacted the healthcare delivery for patients requiring acute and chronic kidney disease management. Satellite units had to close shifts to accommodate staff sickness and COVID-19 positive renal patients. This meant new HD (Haemodialysis) start-up patients had to be allocated their interim HD slots.

The RDU nursing team took this responsibility on with a conscientious shrug of the shoulders! This meant that allocation of at least 6-8 HD treatment sessions per shift incorporated into their already-loaded daily activities, will have to be accommodated! "With precise coordination of all activities, nothing is impossible!" was one of the comments heard from a charge nurse during a Renal Huddle session."


Employee of the Month: Daniel Gudgeon - anatomical pathology technician

Nomination: "Over the Christmas period Daniel fully embodied the Trust vision and values. We wanted to highlight the exceptional service Daniel provided to a grieving family and seek recognition from the Trust for him.

The Trust vision is to work together to drive excellence in care for our patients and communities. This is constantly observed by the mortuary team, showing the greatest of respects to the deceased however, in this instance we believe Daniel has exceeded even these highest of standards. A young patient sadly passed away just before Christmas. Daniel was the technician on call over the Christmas period, and whilst there are no routine visits during Christmas day and Boxing Day, Daniel made provision allowing the family to come in each day to spend valuable time with their child/sibling. This afforded the family to have one final Christmas with their child and were able to open some presents and read some stories.

Daniel has a family of his own (with small children) and sacrificed his time to make this happen, which is above and beyond expectations. It is this kindness and compassion for patient/relative care and experience that we feel needs recognising. Daniel showed great initiative and felt empowered to make the decision he needed to make, to help a grieving family at a very emotive time of year."



Team of the Month: Military Tiger Teams

Nomination: "Over the last 3 weeks members of Joint Hospital Group South were pulled from their normal place of work to form Tiger Teams. At the morning staffing meetings the ward areas across the Trust with reduced staffing or high acuity of patients were identified. These areas were supported by either Registered Nurse teams or Healthcare assistant and Medical assistant teams. Their roles included: IV drug administration, Rounds of observations and or assisting with moving and handling of patients.

Each team of 2 covered up to 4 different areas across the Trust, working in alien environments with patients and conditions the teams were unfamiliar with, completing 1000-1800hrs. These teams boasted morale and offered support to ward areas with reduced staffing. Ultimately they raised the staffing numbers and reduced patient safety incidents.

They completed their work with a smile, talked and comforted patients, helping to feed them and care for them and assisted staff. We are one team at PHU and the military staff on the Tiger Teams demonstrated all the core values of the Trust and ultimately strengthened our working relationships and our presence at PHU. We are extremely proud of everyone who helped and feel they should be recognised for their contribution in this unique but difficult role."


Employee of the Month: Harry Elliott - family liaison officer

Nomination: "I would like to nominate Harry for his outstanding kind and considerate manner that he showed towards my wife, during her long admission at QA. He went beyond the expected call of duty and always made sure she looked was at her best for our daily FaceTime call! He provided an essential link during the times we were not allowed to be together and I will always remember and be grateful for his service.

Harry was the only constant face in her various wards moves and provided reassurance and a connection to us as a family during her last days, for which we will always remember and be grateful for."


Team of the Month: Haemodialysis Unit

Nomination: "The whole of the haemodialysis team has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic and continue to look after medically vulnerable patients on the covid twilight shifts.

Due to the amount of covid patients the unit had to open additional evenings to accommodate this, they now work 0630- 24:00 6x weekly. This has resulted in rotas having to be changed with minimal notice, sometimes daily to cover all the shifts. All staff have pulled together to rearrange their home lives to help cover the daily shifts and this has continued to be the case as the numbers are not dropping for dialysis patients.

Everyone on the unit carries on regardless no matter how tired they are, doing extra to help and making sure that all the patients still get 100% from them. They all deserve recognition for their dedication and hard work that still hasn't calmed down!"


Employee of the Month: Rosie King, specialist dietitian

Nomination: "I wish to nominate Rosie King for employee of the month. I was diagnosed with Oesophageal cancer and on my first visit to hospital for conformation of my diagnosis, I met Rosie. Rosie has turned out to be my rock. From the start, she was supportive, contactable and above all Rosie showed empathy.

I appreciate that Rosie is an Upper GI / Oesophagogastic Specialist Dietitian but that said, her knowledge and, more importantly, the way she explains things is second to none. I have had a number of issues along my journey and Rosie has been there every step of the way.

I have mentioned above that Rosie has been contactable. This has been very important to me. I have had great difficulty contacting my specialist nurse which has been very frustrating and unnerving. This has never happened with Rosie. In my opinion one of Rosie's greatest assets is that she does what she says that she is going to do and when she is going to do it.

The skill of the surgeons and the chemotherapy team is unquestionably and indeed the NHS and in particularly QA Hospital all of which have been outstanding.

However, for me, Rosie has stood out I really don't know where I would be without her and that is meant very sincerely. My regular visits are coming to an end soon and I will miss Rosie hugely. Rosie has supported me not only with my dietary needs but also understanding my emotional needs too. I firmly believe that Rosie has contributed more to my recovery than any other."



Team of the Month: Nuclear medicine team

Nomination: "I came in to have radio iodine treatment in and am very scared of needles and also claustrophobic so was scared of having the update test and nearly didn’t have the treatment and backed out.

The receptionist arranged for the lead nurse to call me and she arranged for me to come in and see the scan machine. In the day the radiologist and lead nurse carried out the uptake test and were so kind and patient with me and it was a smooth process and I felt comfortable with them. They really helped me to have the treatment and without them I would have probably not gone ahead with it.

I work for another local trust and was so impressed with the service from start to finish."


Employee of the Month: Yana Radoycheva, staff nurse

Nomination: "Yana has been learning to triage urgent eye referrals in our emergency clinic over the past 3 months. Last week she took a call from a patient who had struggled with severe headache and visual symptoms and been unable to get sufficient treatment from their primary care services. She took an excellent history and diagnosed giant cell arteritis over the telephone (a sight threatening emergency!!).

The patient was seen that session, was diagnosed, admitted and treated within hours and has retained their vision thanks in large part to Yana's excellent clinical history taking and action that day. Patients who have this diagnosis missed or delayed can lose vision permanently so it really is a sight saving example of excellent nursing care. Well done Yana!"


Team of the Month: Children's Outpatient Nurses

Nomination: "My daughter before was a long standing visitor to outpatients. Bloods, tests and appointments with consultants. We have been visiting for 12 years. She had additional needs and was in a wheelchair. The nurses have very strict routines to keep around bloods and procedures to keep her feeling safe and in control and managed to do this on every visit. To the point that she used to enjoy going in for bloods! That in itself for a child speaks for itself to the work they do with children.

My daughter once had kidney test which was to last all day. We knew she wouldn’t have coped on the kidney department so the nurses arranged the whole day to be done in an outpatients room and the whole team to come to us from the kidney department every 2 hours for more bloods. They always went above and beyond to make my girl feel safe and in control, in doing so made the experience become a joy for her. They deserve the world."


Employee of the Month: Amanda Finnegan, Senior Clinical Leader CNS Bone Health

Nomination: "As an osteoporosis nurse specialist Mandie Finnegan is dedicated, compassionate and professional and always ensures high quality care for her patients. She has implemented new pathways and has adapted the service based on patient needs.

She has a kind and caring nature and does not seek the merit she deserves. Whilst in lockdown she changed responsibilities and happily learnt new skills to support fracture clinic provide minor injuries for patients and even completed vaccinator training and worked additional hours to assist the community vaccine program.

As a colleague she has always gone above and beyond to support her team. During the pandemic I developed cancer and needed chemotherapy and she was ready to support and advise me. Mandie completed training to care for my picc line and visited my home in full PPE in her own time to prevent me needing to go to hospital. Both reducing my stress and freeing hospital time. When I was admitted I was not allowed visitors and she would come in all weathers to my hospital window each day with a smile to brighten my day. At this time my mum died of Covid and she would help with whatever I needed- just to listen, through such a difficult time. She is a true role model for all nurses and I will always be grateful to her."



Team of the Month: Dermatology Nurses

Nomination: "We have an extremely unwell inpatient who requires daily whole body dressings (which take ~2hrs).  The ward staff were unable to do the dressings.  The Dermatology nurses have been going to the QA on their own time and at weekends (outside of working hours) in order to do the 2 hour dressing changes this patient requires in order to recover.  They have shown immense compassion towards a very unwell patient and sacrificed their own time to ensure the patient gets the best care possible."


Employee of the Month: Emma Davis, Consultant Paediatrician

Nomination: "My son is 13 and has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes for 3 years and Dr Davis was amazing. She got it spot on with the balance between asking him and asking me as he is. At 13, he is now more prepared to be his own person in appointments rather than deferring to me, and he said he felt really listened to. 

She also, quite appropriately, took his side when we were discussing where the control lies in managing his diabetes. He's such a bright and capable kid that I admit I do sometimes expect too much of him and she advocated for him which meant he felt he could share more.

She also really understood that I really get the tightrope walk that insulin / carb adjustment is, balanced with all the factors that affect him, in particular growth spurts and hormones currently! She made some suggestions about some tweaks, but accepted that I was on top of it without what often feels like a bit of a battle.

She also praised my son for a good HbA1c despite the growth spurt, and sometimes as a parent you just need someone to tell you you're doing a good job!

We both came away from the appointment feeling it wasn't just a tick box exercise, so we would like to see her again in future if possible as we think she was great."



Team of the Month: Theatre Admissions Team

Nomination: "Theatre Admission (TAS) are a small team who are very dynamic always trying to improve the patient pathway. The patient can arrive very anxious and scared, and the team are very good at putting patient at ease. They ensure they are well informed and kept up to date while they are waiting.

They ring them the day before to make sure they are coming in, what to bring with them and advise them were to go as Theatre Admissions is not easy to find.

It is a small area but if a relative needs a family member with them they will make sure they can stay and will arrange LFTs for them as the area is green.

The staff often go above and beyond for patients and speak to surgeons to change a list order if there is someone very anxious.

They have had breast feeding mums and arranged for them to have a room to feed the baby before surgery or express milk. Nothing is too much for them to support their patients.

This a fantastic team who support each other. The Sister makes sure they the staff have opportunity to develop themselves. One of our apprentices went to ED and is now doing her nurse training. One staff member wanted to do phlebotomy so they supported her to do the course she now works in the department."


Employee of the Month: Michelle Reed, Medical Secretary

Nomination: "We are nominating Michelle for being our champion, for listening when we thought hope was lost. My son has had a difficult few years due to his Myasthenia, and he also had abnormal liver functions. He was upset because one, he felt frustrated that he had more medical issues and two, we had his dream holiday booked in July to Disneyworld USA and he knew without a diagnosis he would not be able to go.

After arguing with my GP surgery, they finally did tests and referred him to Hepatology but by this point we were in June, and it was unlikely he was going to be able to go to USA. Michelle answered the phone and really listened and understood. As a parent, I was heartbroken as I would have to go to USA without my son because it was too late to postpone. She went out of her way to support us and get the appointments sorted. After having a consultation with Dr Aqeel Jamil, a biopsy and lots of tests my son had his diagnosis and was able to come to the USA. Throughout that process, Michelle was at the end of the phone checking things were going ok and being amazingly supportive. We are back now and although very tired, we really enjoyed our holiday. We both genuinely feel that without Michelle’s help and support he would not have been able to go. Thank-you Michelle we are so grateful!"



Team of the Month: Maxillofacial and Orthodontics Team

Nomination: "I have been with the MaxFax & orthodontic department at QAH for a number of years now, and for the impact this department makes on people’s lives, they are often unnoticed.

The care they provide is exceptional, always going above and beyond to ensure the patient fully understands the treatment/procedure they will need, and most of all that the patient is happy with that and their choices are respected. 

Mr Ross McDowall has been involved in my care for a number of years now, and I am relieved it to be so! He is so friendly, explains everything so brilliantly, remembers every patient and really does all he can to make sure things are going smoothly. I also overhear the way he teaches other staff in the department, and he somehow makes it so clear and interesting I often come out of my appointment reconsidering a career in orthodontics..!

Without this department, I’d still be struggling with my self confidence. Prior to having access to this service, I didn’t want to smile, hated eating in front of people and experienced pain in my jaw daily. Now I feel like I’m the best version of myself, and it’s all because of the excellent work of the entire MaxFax and Orthodontics team - and I am just one of many patients that they will treat! :) Thank you."


Employee of the Month: Bea Geraldoy, Staff Nurse

Nomination: "Bea never fails to share her knowledge to the new members of staff. She always make sure that you are supported and makes you feel you can rely on her. She is a very dedicated woman. She takes care of patient and treats them like she would want to be treated, with kindness and compassion. She never makes fuss and just carry on doing tasks. She will help you without second thoughts. She is an asset and worthy of praise."



Team of the Month: Stoma Care Nurses

Nomination: "I have been under Stoma Care for almost a year, ive never had such amazing bedside manner, the nurses in this department go above and beyond just appointment based care, they are available every single day, for their patients, weather it be a routine appointment or an emergency, they are always there. Unless you have a Stoma you wouldn't truly appreciate the amazing hard work that this less known team of nurses do.

Without this department, I’d still be struggling with my self confidence. Prior to having access to this service, I didn’t want to smile, hated eating in front of people and experienced pain in my jaw daily. Now I feel like I’m the best version of myself, and it’s all because of the excellent work of the entire MaxFax and Orthodontics team - and I am just one of many patients that they will treat! :) Thank you."


Employee of the Month: Sebastien Austin, Paediatric Consultant

Nomination: "Dr Austin went above and beyond this week when he worked his rostered day shift in the children's emergency department and then returned to work a night shift in the paediatric unit to cover sickness/staff shortage. This ensured the children's department remained safe and that children received appropriate care and management.

During this night shift Dr Austin realised that his colleagues in the emergency department were experiencing a very high number of children attending the emergency department. Despite their best efforts there was a long delay in assessment so when CAU and the ward workload allowed he returned to ED and helped Dr Germaine see the rest of the children still waiting for assessment. This level of commitment, team working, especially across 2 different specialities deserves recognition. Not only did he go above and beyond what is expected he did it with a cheerful and up beat attitude. His work ethic and commitment to keeping the children of Portsmouth safe makes him a fantastic role model for everyone."



Team of the Month: Acute Medical Unit

Nomination: "I find it incredible how the Staff on AMU manage to stay as positive, hardworking and helpful regarding the current situation for this ward in particular, the way they manage to sometimes deal with 33 patients with 2 nurses and 1 support worker (I've been that one support worker at times) the way they support each other and bank staff is incredible! They put some of the other wards to shame. Amazing team work and incredible positive mindsets. The way they deal with mental health patients, discharges round the clock, admissions, falls and confused all at once, I take my hat off to them all! Amazing people!" 


Employee of the Month: Phillip Poole, Biomedical Scientist

Nomination: "I am nominating Phillip as he repeatedly goes above and beyond the call of duty for the benefit of patients, to ensure a high quality, clinically useful service is provided by Microbiology.

Following a recent UKAS inspection, the laboratory had non-conformances raised and needed to provide additional evidence to further show that the quality assurance processes in place were effective.

Many staff within Microbiology have supported the UKAS process, but Phillip requires particular mention for the amount he has done. He ran hundreds of additional data points, at very short notice, while also supporting the training of two members of staff. He came into work at the weekend, of his own volition to ensure that the task was completed to deadline.

Despite being a very high-pressure situation, Phillip kept calm and collected, he liaised with colleagues to ensure the routine service and staff training was provided to the expected standards. He performed the additional tasks required, analysed the data and communicated the findings clearly. He went to the Quality Lead with information, ideas, and solutions. Ultimately resulting in optimisation of the quality assurance process and the clearance of the non-conformances, which puts the laboratory in an excellent position for the next inspection.

Phillips actions have embodied the trust values of working together, as one team, for patients, always improving. Thank you, Phillip! We feel lucky to have you as part of the team."

Team of the Month: Maternity Outpatients Team

Nomination: "Thank you to everyone of you for the part you played in the pregnancy & birthing journey of our two rainbow babies. We are incredibly grateful and will remember always our maternity experience and wonderful members of staff we met over the last 3 yrs.

Never underestimate the impact you have on others. You have been warm, friendly and beyond that have been a confident, counsellor, cheerleader and most importantly a friend.

Thank you for being so compassionate, understanding and for being such great listeners.

Keep being the amazing people that you are, thank you for what you do in the outpatients department. 'Celebrate' the positive impact you have on every expectant mum who comes through your doors everyday! Forever thankful."


Employee of the Month: Mahfuja Aktar, Midwife

Nomination: "Mahfuja helped me in pregnancy. My baby passed away in 2021 and Mahfuja helped me with the death of my baby. I become pregnant again with my second baby and Mahfuja looked after me. I was anxious but Mahfuja was there all throughout the pregnancy, labour and postnatal. She is the midwife for many women who do not speak English but she is good translator for them and looks after them well. Thank you Mahfuja. Without you I could not do it."

Team of the Month: Paediatric Emergency Department

Nomination: "It is an incredibly challenging time of the year in paediatrics, but this year we have the added concern of the Strep A outbreak that is adding additional strain on to our service. Further to this, we have unprecedented demand on the service as well as a staffing shortage which results in the team pulling together to pick up extra shifts to ensure the safety of the population we serve.

Recent events have seen us have to pull together more as a team in the treatment of a critically unwell child. The leadership of the consultants, as well as the support after the event was second to none, ensuring that every member of the MDT had the chance to attend a debrief and discuss the event in detail. I truly believe that the paediatric emergency department team are second to none in providing outstanding care to the families and children of Portsmouth and the wider community."

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