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Teisha Brock's Military Story

Teisha Brock
Teisha Brock's Military Story
03 June 2019

As part of our commemorations for the 75th anniversary of D-Day we are highlighting our dedicated military personnel, and the vital work they undertake in our Trust when they are not deployed.


Teisha Brock is a Senior Health Care Assistant (HCA) at QA Hospital, and has worked in the British Army for 15 years in a variety of locations. Teisha works alongside junior Health Care Assistants, particularly those who are new to the military and NHS. Teisha ensures these staff members have completed their Trust induction, sorted relevant paperwork and completed their mandatory training before they begin working on a ward. Teisha is also an NVQ Assessor and ensures that the military Health Care Assistants are up to date with their apprenticeships.


A typical day at work for Teisha includes learning something new every day from more experienced members of her team, and she enjoys receiving support from more experienced members of her team who always have something new to teach. Teisha explains: “The management team are more than amazing, they are very friendly and down to earth and always go out of their way to help or advise in any way they can to ensure the team work to the best of their ability. The team I work with always make my day more fun.”


As a HCA Teisha plays a vital role in caring for patients, and makes a real difference to their quality of life. Teisha has been at QA for nearly three years in this varied role, and likes sharing her military skills and working alongside NHS staff like Senior Sisters, Nurses, and Health Care Support Workers.


Teisha is the most senior HCA in her team, and has made many friends during her time at the Trust. Teisha explains: “I could not have asked for a better environment to work in. I learnt so many skills and life lessons working at QA.”


Army HCAs can often find themselves working in a variety of settings, which can vary from NHS hospitals within Defence Medical Group hospital units to ground based environments such as medical regiments and field hospitals. Teisha says that military HCAs deal with a wide range of medical situations, which could involve caring for civilian and military patients in the UK to military casualties of war and conflict.


Teisha says: “I have recently received my Long Service and Good Conduct medal. I have had an amazing time in the military, I would not give it away for the world. I will serve my 22 years of service, then I will retire and enjoy my life with my family.”


For the 75th anniversary of D-Day, Teisha will be joining the commemorations. She explains: “Joint Hospital Group South join as a unit to have a regimental dinner and other activities to commemorate the anniversary of the landings.”

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