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Jean Crowley's story of compassionate care at QA

Jean Crowley
Jean Crowley's story of compassionate care at QA
22 July 2019

At PHT we are celebrating what our values of Working Together for patients, with compassion, as one team, always improving mean to us. We’re bringing our values to life to show just how important they are to our work, and to bring them to the forefront of everything we do.

This has begun with a focus on “Working Together With Compassion”, where we are highlighting the countless acts of compassion and kindness that take place on a daily basis within the Trust. As part of this focus, Maggie Williams is sharing the story of her 92-year-old mother Jean Crowley, and the incredible care she received during her time at Queen Alexandra hospital (QA).

Earlier in the year Jean suffered from an acute stroke, and as a result was sent to QA to receive care and support. Jean required treatment for a month within the hospital on wards F4 and G3, and her family were left in awe at the high level of care that Jean received throughout her stay.

Jean’s daughter Maggie explains: “As a family we are so thankful for the exceptional care that QA staff provided for our mother during her month with them following her stroke.

“The kindness, respect and caring attitude of all the nurses and care staff made her stay a comfortable and safe experience.”

One particular Doctor that stood out for Jean was Dr Duroni, who went above and beyond to help Jean in a number of ways.

Maggie explains: “Dr Duroni ensured that my mother’s clinical care was tailored to her needs, which were constantly changing, whilst keeping our family updated. He gave her the chance and the time to respond.”

It wasn’t just clinical staff that impressed Jean’s family however. Maggie noticed the attentiveness and compassion displayed by Matthew, a member of the cleaning team on ward G3.

Maggie explains: “Matthew is one of the most cheerful and effective cleaners I have come across. He always checked when it was a good time to clean my mum’s room and when to come back. He also did a very good job of keeping it clean!”

Jean has now moved to a nursing home where she will be receiving ongoing care, and Maggie says that the exceptional ward sisters at QA had a positive impact on her journey towards this next step.

Maggie says: “Ward sisters Alison, Cari and others on both F4 and G3 showed exceptional leadership and decision making. When our mum was moved to a nursing home for end of life care, the QA teams were there to ensure that this happened as quickly as possible, and they respected our choice of ongoing care as well.”

Jean now feels settled, safe and comfortable in the nursing home, and her family are thankful to the entire team at QA for their ongoing support and kindness.

Maggie says: “You could not wish for a better team of Nurses and Healthcare Support Workers on both F4 and G3. They were knowledgeable and cared for our mum as we would wish to ourselves. They were always responsive to her needs and very understanding, supporting and reassuring when she was unable to cooperate. To keep an elderly, frail and very thin person free of any skin damage is a testament to the care they provided, and I hope the team feel proud of their standards.

“We know that our mother does not have long with us, but following a remarkable life she is enjoying what is remaining, and we are thankful for QA’s kindness and support.”

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