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We want all patients and visitors to have a positive experience when they visit our hospital and we encourage people to give us their feedback, good and bad, as this helps us to see where we need to make changes, but also it is important that we know where we are getting it right for people so that we can try to replicate this good work in other areas across the hospital.  


What if I am worried about my treatment (or that of a relative or friend) at the hospital?

Although staff try hard every day to deliver a high standard of service for patients and visitors, we do recognise that sometimes things can go wrong. When this happens during an inpatient admission, we always encourage people to speak directly to the Nurse in Charge or the Matron on the ward where the problem has arisen. This allows the Senior Nursing staff in that area to address things quickly and provide the support needed.

Sometimes patients or relatives have felt that they have tried to discuss things with the staff involved and still feel worried, and for these situations PALS can help.



PALS are a support service within the hospital who can listen to any concerns or questions and liaise with the service/department/ward involved on behalf of a patient or relative to try to get answers or resolve problems that have arisen.

They can offer “on the spot” advice about how to deal with worries in the hospital and provide information about health related issues, they can also help you to find other organisations or groups that may be helpful.

PALS will work with you to try to put things right as quickly as possible, but if the problems are of a more serious nature and need investigation then they may suggest that a formal complaint as the most appropriate way of handling a particular concern.

The PALS team work very closely with the Trust’s Complaints Team and all of the information from both PALS and Complaints is shared with our Trust Board members to ensure that they are aware of the issues which are being brought up by the people who use our services, and they can ensure that lessons are being learned and changes being made to improve the standard of service we provide.

There is a PALS drop-in office available Monday to Friday (10am to 3pm) in the main reception area at Queen Alexandra Hospital, but other ways of contacting the service include:

Telephone: Freephone 0800 917 6039 


Write to us at: 
Patient Advice and Liaison Service
Queen Alexandra Hospital
Southwick Hill Road
PO6 3LY 


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Last updated - 05 August 2019

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