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Choose your access from the options below for eLearning & classroom bookings:


ESR Home Access

Remember that you can create an account through the 'Request Internet Access' option on ESR, if you wish to access the system from Home.  This can then be used to access your eLearning and employee self service pages. 

Please note: This account has to be created at work and can not be reset from home.


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Updating your Essential Skills:

Simply -

A) Read through your new Essential Skills Handbook (the light green one. Download here)

B) Find and complete one E assessment for either clinical or non clinical staff, accessed via ESR.

C) Some staff will be required to attend a classroom course for Basic Life Support, Moving and Handling People, Blood Awareness, and Fire.  Dates when classes are available can be found on the ESR system.

PC Checker

Help is available!

If you need help with ESR, then please do get in touch with our eLearning team either ext 1241 or 6104, alternatively you can email


if you need to reset your ESR password then email




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