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Speaking English

Are you from outside the UK and will you need support to speak English with confidence?

Do you need help to improve your communication skills in English?

Are you planning to take IELTS as part of your training plans?  

Are you planning to do your IELTS as part of the language requirement for overseas trained nurses wanting to register in the UK?  If you are, please contact Hermie Santos on extension 1184.

Whatever reasons you may have to improve your use of the English language, we would like to be of help. We have identified useful online resources to assist you:

Learn English by watching and listening

Learn English for free online

Interested to do General English courses

Online application for IELTS (English and Language Testing System)

Improve English for the IELTS Speaking test- fluency

How to write better English sentences for IELTS


Review resources for IELTS on YouTube

IELTS reading, skimming and scanning:

Improve speaking test for the IELTS - grammar:


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