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Our Emergency Department here at Queen Alexandra Hospital is currently very busy

Our Emergency Department here at Queen Alexandra Hospital is currently very busy - please choose well when seeking treatment for minor injuries.

22 August 2017
**FREE Spinnaker Tower Abseil place**

There is a free space available for the abseil this Saturday.

22 August 2017
Recruiting Now!

Super-organised enthusiastic volunteer event organisers!

22 August 2017
Laura Wood completes two year Post Graduate Certificate

Congratulations to Laura Wood who successfully completed a two year Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

18 August 2017
Portsmouth Hospitals NHS trust score above national average

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust has scored above the national average in six categories in the 2017 Patient-Led Assessment of the Care Environment (PLACE) system survey


16 August 2017

Michaela credits the QA Hospital's Infection Prevention team with saving her life.

15 August 2017
**Important update** HMS Queen Elizabeth arrival

The new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth is set to arrive in Portsmouth tomorrow, Wednesday 16 August, at 07.10am

15 August 2017
Maternity Services Survey 2017

A survey has been created looking at ways to improve maternity services for both mother and family

14 August 2017
Bowel Cancer Team celebrates graduations!

Bowel Cancer Team celebrates graduations!

14 August 2017
Mark Cubbon
Chief Executive's Blog

Hello and welcome to my first Blog as Chief Executive.

I will update this Blog every fortnight and I welcome your feedback on the content

11 August 2017
Rowans celebratory tea party

A tea party was held at the Rowans Hospice last week, celebrating the achievement of some of their nurses.

11 August 2017
**Important please share – possible traffic disruption**

The new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth is set to arrive in Portsmouth between 17 and 22 August.

11 August 2017
Anna Velie

Anna Velie is top of her class!

11 August 2017
Meet Connor, a medical laboratory assistant here at QA

Connor Hammon is one of the medical laboratory assistants here at QA's busy pathology lab.

08 August 2017
Volunteer Sally Sines is to abseil down the Spinnaker Tower

Volunteer Sally Sines is to abseil down the Spinnaker Tower in the hope to raise important funds for the hopsital.

08 August 2017
Josh Tonks, Duty Hospital Manager

Josh Tonks, Duty Hospital Manager, has been at QA Hospital for one year. Read more about Josh and his role.

08 August 2017
Congratulations to Theresa, Kerry, Christina and Lisa

Congratulations to Theresa, Kerry, Christina and Lisa who are celebrating some recent success

07 August 2017
Professor Peter Brennan

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow has elected Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust’s Professor Peter Brennan, Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, to be an Honorary Fellow.

04 August 2017
QA Hospital trio pass the Technical Certificate national exam

Shirley Weeks, Barry Oliver, and Darren Bonson pass the Technical Certificate national exam given by the Institute Decontamination Sciences


03 August 2017
#DidYouKnow QA Hospital has its own Wellness Centre?

Meet Lewis, one of the enthusiastic leisure assistants who joined the team in September last year.

03 August 2017
Chris Payne

Former Hepatitis C patient Chris Payne speaks about his new life.

03 August 2017
Mark Cubbon 100 day plan

Mark Cubbon, Chief Executive, started in his new role this week and has published his 100 day plan.

02 August 2017
QA team donate £500 to the Elizabeth Foundation

QA's sewing room team have donated an amazing £500 to the Elizabeth Foundation.

01 August 2017
Portsmouth Hospitals welcomes Royal College of Midwives for charter signing

Portsmouth Hospitals welcomes Royal College of Midwives for the formal signing of the Caring For You Charter 

31 July 2017
thank you
Praise for Hospital from Terence

Praise for QA Hospital staff from grateful patient.

30 July 2017
Anne Taylor retires

Anne Taylor QA Hospital’s Adult Safeguarding Lead Nurse retires after 28 years in the Trust. 

29 July 2017
Brian tells his story for World Hepatitis Day

In the UK “Hep C” affects thousands of people. For World Hepatitis Day we want you to know that it is treatable and mostly curable.

Meet Brian.

28 July 2017
Nicole mackenzie
Nicole goes for Gold!

QA patient, Nicole Mackenzie, is heading to North Lanarkshire today for the British Transplant Games 2017.

27 July 2017
dr.john knighton
Dr. John Knighton appointed Medical Director

Dr John Knighton appointed Medical Director of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust.

27 July 2017
Rob jolliffe

Meet British Transplant Games participant Rob Jolliffe

27 July 2017
Our Emergency Department here at QA is very busy today

Our Emergency Department here at QA is very busy today - please consider alternatives when seeking medical treatment.

27 July 2017
Karen and K
Meet Karen and Kirsty, our Hepatology Clinical Nurse Specialists

Meet Karen and Kirsty--Two of QA Hospital's Hepatology Clinical Nurse Specialists 

27 July 2017
Alan Outen's new career

Former cleaning supervisor decides to becomes a palliative care paediatric nurse after losing his son to cancer:

26 July 2017
Mark Cubbon
Mark Cubbon appointed to lead Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Mark Cubbon appointed to lead Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

25 July 2017
Anita DeHavilland Works Two Jobs!

Two Jobs: One Loyal QA Staffer

22 July 2017
The Arts for Health and Wellbeing

Do you remember when QA Hospital had the pleasure of welcoming a musician from Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra on to our wards?

20 July 2017
Portsmouth City Council are inviting you to tell them about pharmacy services in your area

Portsmouth City Council are looking to find out more about local services you receive from pharmacies. Please fill out their survey.

20 July 2017
Team Great Britain Triathelete Praises Emergency Department Staff

“All I remember is that one minute I was riding my bike on a bright sunny day and the next I was sitting I was sitting on the ground and a paramedic was speaking to me”

20 July 2017
QA midwife has her own bout with sepsis

At first, Jackie Davis, a midwife at QA Hospital for over 26 years, thought she had the flu. In fact, she had visited her doctor and was even given a round of antibiotics.


19 July 2017
thank you
Kind Words for F2 Ward

Praise for our staff on Ward F4 from a former patient. 

19 July 2017
lucy chester
Lucy Chester Living Transplant Coordinator

After an impressive 33 years with QA Hsopital, Lucy Chester has never looked back.

18 July 2017
educational day
QA hosts fun educational day for students

Over the past three years Queen Alexandra Hospital has opened its doors to nearly 100 students - giving them the chance to learn more about what a career in medicine could be like.

17 July 2017
Disability Awareness Day!

#DidYouKnow.... there are 13.3 million disabled people in the UK. And disabled people are more than twice as likely to be unemployed as non-disabled people. 

16 July 2017
careers open day
Careers open day event held at QA Hospital

A careers open day event was held at QA Hospital earlier today, in the hope of inspiring people to come and make a career choice within the NHS.

15 July 2017
Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, and Professor Sir Norman Williams visits Portsmouth Hospitals

Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, and Professor Sir Norman Williams visited Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust today to meet with its staff, talk about the NHS on a national-level; and discuss how ‘patient safety’ is a key focus for the health service under his tenure.

14 July 2017
QA day
QA Consultant discusses new clinical trial on BBC Radio Solent

QA Consultant, Maria Noblet, appeared on BBC Radio Solent last week to discuss QA's involvement in a new clinical trial.

14 July 2017
Larrard's Latest Gamble

Larrard’s New Gamble

It is estimated that about 1 in 20 people will develop bowel cancer in their lifetime; 8 in 10 will be over the age of 60. In addition, Bowel Cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the UK and over 16,000 people die from it each year.
The important thing to fighting Bowel Cancer is to know you have it to begin with.

Larrard Gamble thought that his increased fatigue and the diarrhoea he was suffering from off and on for a year was due to a virus.
Larrard—known as Larry to his friends and family-- took the home Bowel Cancer test provided by the Bowel Cancer Screening programme at QA hospital almost as an afterthought. In fact, he recalls that when he took the test, he was feeling better.

He never expected to test positive. “I was shocked. It took me aback a bit. I had to go to the doctor twice when they discovered it,” the 64 year-old says. “The tumour had to come out so I had to have surgery and was in hospital for about five days.”

Larrard admits to being relieved when the tumour was removed. “The surgeons were marvellous. I had a key- hole surgery and I have hardly any marks on me at all.”

Larrard is just starting chemotherapy –and although it isn’t his favourite thing to have happen to him in his life, he knows that he is lucky that doctors found out he had bowel cancer before things were too far along. He believes that now he is on the journey to recovery.

“I don’t think of myself as sick,” he says. “I never have.”

13 July 2017
Meet the Urgent Care Transformation team

Meet the urgent care transformation team, who came together as a team last March looking at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust emergency care pathway.

13 July 2017
Lost property

#DidYouKnow... the hospital has a lost property?

13 July 2017
Raising a smile with the help of my dog

“Following an accident, severe osteoporosis forced me to leave my job, but who-knew that my family dog would keep me occupied and raise a smile to lots of other faces too…”

After spending 40 years of his life as a property improver, 56-year-old Tim Bennett was diagnosed with severe-osteoporosis of the spine which meant his full-time job was no longer possible. Looking to the positive, Tim decided to register his German Shepherd as a Pets As Therapy (PAT) dog and volunteer at QA Hospital.

13 July 2017
Skydiver plummets 400ft when parachute fails to open

The day after his 28th birthday, skydiver Neil Clements plummeted 400ft when his parachute collapsed from a freak gust of wind - causing catastrophic injuries.

11 July 2017
A Harbour in the Storm
11 July 2017
bowel cancer
Ten for Ten!
06 July 2017
Be Clear on Cancer Roadshow

A health awareness event to inform about the signs of heart disease, lung cancer and lung disease and to encourage those with symptoms to visit their GP.

05 July 2017
Breast cancer clinical trial features on Radio Four Woman’s Hour

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust is taking part in a new clinical trial funded by leading charity Breast Cancer Now – to investigate the best way to deliver cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to reduce the impact of two major side-effects for women undergoing breast cancer treatment.

04 July 2017
Did you know that nearly a third of children aged 2 to 15 are overweight or obese?

This week marks the start of National Childhood Obesity Week. We want to raise awareness of the dangers of being above a healthy weight during childhood. Did you know that nearly a third of children aged 2 to 15 are overweight or obese? Or even worse, younger generations are becoming obese at earlier ages and staying obese for longer?


04 July 2017
Wil D5
#hellomynameis Wil

For #hellomynameis this week we visited Wil from Ward D5.

03 July 2017
Carillion’s FM Services at Queen Alexandra Hospital receives Green Kitchen Standard

FM Services at Portsmouth Hospitals has become one of the first organisations nationally to achieve the Green Kitchen Standard, which celebrates Carillion’s commitment to achieving high sustainability standards and good environmental management.

29 June 2017
Theatres hosts successful recruitment open day

On Saturday 24th June, members of Portsmouth Hospital’s theatres team were on hand to answer questions and give information to Healthcare Support Workers and Staff Nurses about working for the theatre team.

29 June 2017
We are proud to announce the publication of our 2016/17 Quality Account

We are proud to announce the publication of our 2016/17 Quality Account, which you can view on the NHS Choices website.

The quality and safety of patient care is at the centre of all we do, and is a key focus for the Trust Board and all our staff.   This Quality Account informs the public and interested stakeholders about the quality of care and services we provide and information on our many achievements throughout 2016/17, as well as a look forward regarding priorities and specific area of focus for the coming year (2017/18). 

29 June 2017
#hellomynameis Kayleigh and Sandy

Meet QA's ward managers Kayleigh and Sandy from Ward D4

28 June 2017
My ulcer turned cancerous...

It was 21 years ago when Mervyn Hollidge-Goode from Hawkley in Hampshire first discovered a tiny mouth ulcer under his tongue. A biopsy soon revealed the lump to be Lichen planus, an inflammatory disease of unknown cause that carries little treatment and can affect various parts of the body.

27 June 2017
Linda D4
#hellomynameis Linda

#hellomynameis Linda, and I am a staff nurse on Ward D4

24 June 2017
NHS feels the heat as hot weather continues

With the heatwave still in place, doctors are urging people not to underestimate the risks of hot weather.

 Periods of extremely hot weather can have a big impact on people’s health – and an equally big impact on the local NHS.

The message from the health service is for people to take basic, sensible precautions to avoid suffering in the heat, and also to take time to choose the right NHS service if they do need medical help or advice.


20 June 2017
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week Exercises

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week UK 19-25 June 2017

According to the British Lung Foundation, there are over 12 million people in the UK who are affected by a lung disease, costing the NHS an estimated £11 billion each year.

Lung conditions cause the narrowing of airways making it harder to move air in and out as you breathe. Your lungs are less able to take in oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide leaving you uncomfortable.
If you, or someone you know, are living with a lung condition, there is help in Portsmouth. @solentnhstrust provides ‘pulmonary rehabilitation’ for patients suffering with a long term lung condition.

“Although damage to lungs is irreversible, there are treatments available to help you breathe easier,” said Anna Walker, the Trust’s Pulmonary Rehabilitation Team Lead.

“One of the treatments is exercise. We work with people on the best exercise techniques and education to help them manage their condition on their own. These are effective and the bulk of our patients tell us they are able to live much fuller lives as a result.”

To mark Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week, Anna and her team demonstrated some of the exercises in main reception area at Queen Alexandra Hospital yesterday.

"Our goal is to always help patients learn the proper exercises and also have the right information so they can manage their condition going forward."

20 June 2017
Increased attendances at ED

Our Emergency Department here at Queen Alexandra Hospital has seen increased attendances due to the recent hot weather. Our priority, as always, is the care and the safety of our patients. It is for this reason that we are advising local people to consider appropriate places to seek treatment for minor injuries.

19 June 2017

This weekend is going to be a scorcher - so stay protected!

16 June 2017
Jessica D4
#hellomynameis Jessica

#hellomynameis Jessica, and I am a Health Care Support Worker at Queen Alexandra Hospital

15 June 2017

Open Day: Theatres is hosting a recruitment open day Saturday 24th June 2017!

14 June 2017
#hellomynameis Julie and Kely

For #hellomynameis this week we visited QA’s Paediatrics Department, where we met Julie and Kelly.

13 June 2017
11 year old has grandfather's face put on his legs in tribute

When baby Teejay was born in August 2005, to the surprise of his parents Georgina and Richard he was missing two toes on his right foot. Teejay was diagnosed with a birth defect condition called Fibular hemimelia, where his fibula was missing from below the knee.

13 June 2017
The Nursing and Midwifery Council publishes a video asking what will the nurse of the future look like...

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has just published a video asking what will the nurse of the future look like? #nurse2030 They filmed here at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust We were delighted to be included in the film.  You can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQt5EpVjQ2o&feature=youtu.be

13 June 2017
QA specialist biomedical scientist wins microbiology award

Queen Alexandra Hospital microbiologist, Matthew O’Dwyer, has been awarded a prize by the IBMS.

12 June 2017
Stroke unit
Staff and Patients at QA Hospital Take On Olympic Challenge to Raise Money for Stroke Rehab

August last year, QA's Stroke Unit undertook a mammoth cycling challenge to raise funds for a special rehab bike for their patients


11 June 2017
Kathy and Eunice
When Kathy Met Eunice

When Kathy Met Eunice

When 55 year-old Kathy started volunteering in QA Hospital’s oncology department five years ago she had no idea that not only would she be helping to make a difference in the lives of patients and families, but she would also be meeting a dear friend.  Kathy says that as soon as she saw Eunice, she knew she had “an accomplice in crime!” 

Eunice, who has volunteered in the oncology department for four and a half years, felt the very same way.  “I think of Kathy as a sister; I just love her to bits!”

Kathy and Eunice both feel strongly that they have a special opportunity in their role as volunteers to help people when they really need it.  “I’ve had patients step away from treatment and then a member of their family comes up to me in tears,” Kathy says.  “I give the family member hugs, a cuppa and I let them know I understand that they are hurting.  By the time their loved one comes back, the storm is over and they are themselves again. It is so important to listen to both patients and their carers.”

Kathy and Eunice both have known several of the patients personally who have come to QA Hospital for treatment.   In fact, the daughter of one of Kathy’s dear friends passed away from cancer and Kathy still struggles with the memory.  “It was very, very difficult.  She was a young woman with nothing but life ahead of her. But she was brave and the doctors and staff took such brilliant care of her.”

Eunice is adamant that although there are a lot of serious things to deal with on the ward, there are many moments of great fun.  “I like the banter…having a joke with everyone."

Both women are enmeshed in the community and have actually run into patients and their families when they are out running errands.  “Sainsbury’s seems to be the place where everyone congregates!” Kathy says, laughing.  She makes it clear that she never approaches anyone or draws attention to herself.  “It is important that everyone we deal with in hospital have their privacy, but the funny thing is they always come up to me anyway.”

The pair agrees that even though they are volunteers, they have been made to feel like an essential part of the oncology department’s team.  “I love everyone here,” Eunice says.   “They are the best. The doctors and nurses work so hard and do such amazing work. And they all treat Kathy and me like we are just as important as they are!”

09 June 2017
Volunteer Marjorie
07 June 2017
Mother who had two sets of premature twins in four years, says one year on and her babies are thriving!

31-year-old Joanna Jefferson from Locks Heath gave birth to her second set of twins at 27 weeks; just four years after her first set of twins were born premature at 30 weeks. One year later and she proudly tells us that her baby boys, Donnie and Dougie, are flourishing in their development, despite being born 13 weeks early and not being discharged from hospital until they were eight weeks old.

06 June 2017
#HelloMyNameIs Margo


For Volunteers Week we introduce the very wonderful Margo Berry



I am Margo and have been a volunteer at the Trust for eight years. I have lymphoma and also osteoporosis and I work closely with the oncology team and I also chair the Portsmouth and South East Hants Osteoporosis Group. I love volunteering and giving back to my local community. My roles really involve educating the public in prevention and education and also providing patient support where needed. Every day is different and I get more back than I can ever give.

Anyone interested in volunteering should email: voluntary.services@porthosp.nhs.uk. They can steer you to the right opportunity.

01 June 2017
#hellomynameis Jenny

#hellomynameis Jenny, I am the Health and Safety Advisor at Queen Alexandra Hospital.

30 May 2017
careers open day
Careers Open Day

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust will be hosting a careers open day on the 15 July - so come along!

26 May 2017
The Patient, Family and Carer Collaborative invite you to get involved...

The Patient, Family and Carer Collaborative at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust invite you to


“Get Involved”


Monday 12 June 2017

14.00 – 16.00 hrs

Oasis Centre, Queen Alexandra Hospital


26 May 2017
Meet QA's Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS)

For #hellomynameis this week we are introducing QA's Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS)

22 May 2017
#DeafAwareness Supporting infants and pre-school children with hearing loss

Babies begin to hear and recognise the rhythm and melody of voices within months of birth, often responding to cooing sounds when you talk to them…but what happens when they don’t?

19 May 2017
Providing veterans with the support they need to recover

Serving your country can take its toll.  Every year a significant number of veterans leave the Armed Forces with mental health problems.  In November 2015, Portsmouth Hospitals teamed up with Combat Stress (the leading Veterans' mental health charity in the UK) creating a dedicated team in QA Hospital that specialises in the treatment of Service-related mental health issues, providing veterans with the support they need to recover.  

We have spoken to two veterans, Michael and Tim, about how this service has been a lifeline to them.

16 May 2017

Specialist Research Nurse, Geraldine Kerr, says the greatest part of her job is changing the lives of patients through innovative research, which is an indispensable part of a modern, forward-thinking health service.

12 May 2017
#hellomynameis Pedro

#hellomynameis Pedro and i work in Theatres at QA Hospital

12 May 2017
International Nurses Day: Sister, Hope Prosser, talks about treating street children in Tanzania and nursing at the QA

Today is International Nurses Day, (held annually on 12 May to mark Florence Nightingale’s birthday), to mark the contribution that nurses make to society, and in particular our nurses here at QA Hospital.

We speak to Sister in Trauma and Orthopaedic, Hope Prosser, about what the role of a nurse is really like, and just how far those skills can take you…




12 May 2017
dr. Ali Dana
Dr. Ali Dana Teaches Course for Local Paramedics

On Thursday,  May 4th QA’s Consultant Cardiologist Dr. Ali Dana and colleagues taught an all-day refresher course for paramedics at QA hospital about the primary Angioplasty Service for Treatment of Heart Attacks. The course has been running since May 2012. Attendees were paramedics from South Coast Ambulance Service, South East Coast Ambulance Service, UK Specialist Ambulance Service and the Trust and Southern Health.  The course is in such demand that Dr. Dana teaches it two to three times a year.

10 May 2017
Sam brain injury 1
Sam's Story
08 May 2017
#hellomynameis Abbie Aplin
29 April 2017
GMB filming
QA Hospital appears on Good Morning Britain to discuss how Portsmouth women can really ‘call the midwife’

Good Morning Britain visited QA Hospital this morning to discuss the new 24hr Labour Line

26 April 2017
ambulance at ED
QA Hospital urges people to #ChooseWell over the bank holiday weekend

We urge people to seek appropriate medical treatment for minor injuries over the Bank Holiday Weekend

25 April 2017
community matters

Portsmouth Hospitals Charity has received £870 from the John Lewis Knight and Lee store in Southsea as part of their Community Matters scheme.

20 April 2017
WHD 2017 stands
Portsmouth Hospitals celebrates World Health Day 2017

Portsmouth Hospitals celebrated World Health Day last Friday hosting information stands and fun activities

15 April 2017
A&E alternatives over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend

Consider alternative places to seek medical treatment over the busy Easter Bank Holiday weekend

13 April 2017
PHT charity
Spaces available for Southampton Marathon with QA Hospital Charity

Take part in the Southampton Marathon and help raise vital funds for QA Hospital

10 April 2017
24 Hour Labour Line
Portsmouth Women Can "Call the Midwife!"

Did you know that you can really "call the midwife"? Starting April 10th at 10:00 AM Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust Labour Line will go live!

07 April 2017
pht logo
Easter Pharmacy Opening times

Here are your local pharmacy Easter opening times

07 April 2017
#hellomynameis Stacey

#hellomynameis Stacey and i am a registered nurse at QA Hospital

06 April 2017
Major vascular surgery to move

Major vascular surgery to move from QA Hospital to Southampton General Hospital

28 March 2017
Rocky Appeal sponsored walk

Sponsored Walk, 7th May, along Southsea seafront in aid of the Rocky Appeal

27 March 2017
Trust Matters Spring 2017

Latest edition of Trust Matters - Spring 2017

22 March 2017
#hellomynameis Naomi and Lucy

We met up with Naomi and Lucy for this week's #hellomynameis

22 March 2017
Meet the Medicine for Older People Occupational Therapy Team

For #hellomynameis this week we met the Medicine for Older People Occupational Therapy Team

15 March 2017
Grange Maternity Centre telephone numbers are changing

The Grange Maternity Centre telephone numbers are changing on 21 March 2017

13 March 2017
#hellomynameis Claire

#hellomynameis Claire and I am one of the Specialist nurses in the Tissue Viability team

08 March 2017
#hellomynameis Nicky

We met up with Nicky in resuscitation for this week's #hellomynameis

01 March 2017
Fit for practice
27 February 2017
passport to manage
Trust launch new 'Passport to Manage' framework

Trust launch new 'Passport to Manage' framework to ensure patient care is at its best

24 February 2017
Rheumatology awareness event

Looking at the relationship between arthritis and sleep

23 February 2017
#hellomynameis Dr Warren Dunger

Dr Warren Dunger is the only Clinical Psychologist within Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

22 February 2017
#hellomynameis Victoria

We visited Victoria in Ultrasound for #hellomynameis this week

15 February 2017
Carl Davies
#hellomynameis Carl

#hellomynameis Carl and i am a Resuscitation Officer here at QA

08 February 2017
Grateful wife raises thousands for Portsmouth Hospitals Renal Unit in memory of her husband

Jackie Hill raised £1,450 for Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust’s Renal Unit.

08 February 2017
Meet the Diabetes Dietitians #hellomynameis

For #hellomynameis this week we spoke to the Diabetes Dietitians

01 February 2017

Liver4Life would like to invite you to the launch of the Portsmouth LiverChat! group.

30 January 2017
Nurses receive award
27 January 2017
Thanks, League of Friends!

League of Friends donate two vital pieces of equipment to the Endoscopy Department

20 January 2017
Trolley dash

Portsmouth Hospitals Charity are looking for people to take part in an exciting trolley dash

19 January 2017
Exclusive charity shopping evening

Join Portsmouth Hospitals Charity for an exclusive charity shopping evening at Crabtree & Evelyn

16 January 2017
Grateful patient raises £3,000
Grateful patient raises £3,000 for Portsmouth Hospitals Oncology Department and the Whitburn Trust
10 January 2017
Christmas catering times

QA Hospitals catering times over Christmas

21 December 2016
Christmas Jumper Day raises money for QA Hospital

An exciting Christmas Jumper Day was held to raise funds for patients at QA Hospital

20 December 2016
Meet the Renal Dietitians ... #hellomynameis

Meet the Renal Dietitians based at Queen Alexandra Hospital

19 December 2016
#hellomynameis... Gemma

Meet Gemma, one of our new apprentices

17 December 2016
HMS Nelson donates gifts

HMS Nelson spread some festive cheer to elderly patients at Queen Alexandra Hospital

15 December 2016
carillion health wellbeing event 2016
Carillion event raises £2,000 for charity

The annual health and well-being event was a huge success!

12 December 2016
Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust wins Silver award

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust wins Silver award for 'Sports and Physical Activity at Work’

11 December 2016
Cardiac Screening Day

QA Hospital recently held a Cardiac Screening Day - which was a huge success!

09 December 2016

We are encouraging everyone to donate a small gift for our older patients over christmas

09 December 2016
stay well this winter
Pharmacy opening times - Christmas 2016

Download our helpful PDF which details the opening times of local pharmacies over the Christmas period.

07 December 2016
QA Secretary celebrates 40th year at Portsmouth Hospitals

Jude Parker, QA Sectary, celebrates 40 years at Portsmouth Hospitals

06 December 2016
Open Day

Calling all Band 5 / 6 Nurses and Healthcare Support Workers

25 November 2016
Award win for Research at Portsmouth Hospitals

Trust initiative which has significantly “slashed’ emergency department visits for patients with airways diseases wins prestigious award

24 November 2016
nhs logo
Health and care plan for Hampshire and Isle of Wight will bring more care closer to patients

Local plans for improving health and care services across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight are the bedrock of a programme for transforming local health and care services and ensuring they remain sustainable in the future. 

23 November 2016
University of Southampton Careers Fair

QA staff attended the University of Southampton Careers Fair earlier this week

20 November 2016
Phlebotomy team donates wonderful refuge parcels

QA's Phlebotomy team have donated wonderful refuge parcels to Portsmouth's refuge

19 November 2016
QA Matron wins award

QA Matron, Bev Vaughan, wins award

18 November 2016
QA's "Lightest and most premature triplets in the world"

Share their story for World Prematurity Day

17 November 2016
Queen Alexandra Hospital receives award for excellent baby care

The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Queen Alexandra Hospital have receive an award

15 November 2016
#hellomynameis... Dawn

#hellomynameis… Dawn and I am a Trauma Audit Research Nurse here at QA Hospital

15 November 2016
the news 05.11
Portsmouth Hospitals staff win Best of Health Awards

We’re extremely proud of all our Trust staff who were given the chance to shine at The News’ Best of Health Awards 2016.

07 November 2016
Lights for love appeal

Light a candle for those you love at the Lights for Love Appeal

06 November 2016

#hellomynameis... Michelle, Jennie, Jo and Gemma, and we are the Gastroenterology Research Team here at QA Hospital

05 November 2016
QA Rheumatology team receives award

QA Rheumatology team receives National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS) Healthcare Champions Award

04 November 2016
Portsmouth Hospitals Charity wedding fayre

Join Portsmouth Hospitals Charity for another exciting wedding fayre

01 November 2016
Student donates artwork to children’s waiting area

Thank you to Drew, who donated a piece of artwork to the children’s department

31 October 2016
Don’t be Scared to Look after your Bones

Have you broken a bone recently?

28 October 2016
Stop the Red Clocks shortlisted for award

Congratulations to our Stop the Red Clocks Project, which was shortlisted for a prestigious Nursing Times Award.

27 October 2016
Portsmouth Hospitals Pre Nursing Programme

Wishing to make the move into nursing? Read about our pre nursing programme

27 October 2016
QA midwives raise an amazing £13,000

Well done to our maternity team who completed the Great South Run last weekend

25 October 2016
Have your voice heard about changes to vascular services

Make sure you have your voice heard about changes to vascular services and join us at a local workshop

25 October 2016
We're celebrating our seven-year anniversary!

Today we celebrate an incredible seven years since the official opening of the then new, Queen Alexandra Hospital.

21 October 2016
immunise your selfie poster 2016
It's up to you to stop the flu - Immunise Your Selfie campaign

Staff are encouraged to take part in our #ImmuniseYourSelfie campaign to help fight flu!

17 October 2016
Best People Awards 2016

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust celebrates its “incredible” staff who go above and beyond at its annual awards ceremony.

14 October 2016
trust open day poster
Trust Open Day 2016

TOMORROW from 10.30am-3.00pm at QA Hospital

14 October 2016
QA Macmillan nurse nominated for prestigious award

Macmillan nurse Wendy, who is based at QA, was nominated by colleagues in the Service Improvement Excellence Award category

14 October 2016
Portsmouth Carers Voice event

We are committed to improving the experience for Carers!

11 October 2016
Diabetes comic

Top doctors develop comic to help young people with diabetes

10 October 2016
Restart a Heart Day

QA Hospital is holding CPR lessons as part of Restart a Heart Day

10 October 2016
Grateful family raise money for oncology wards at QA

Family and friends of Christopher Haywood, who was cared for at QA Hospital, Cosham have raised £2,161.44

05 October 2016
‘I can now live a normal life again thanks to research’, says local mum with life-limiting disease

A mum with an extremely rare disease can now live a “normal” life

04 October 2016
Young QA patient charms Prince Harry

Sam Merrick charmed Prince Harry yesterday at the Wellchild Awards 2016. 

04 October 2016
Research Opportunity

Research Opportunity - looking for a pregnant woman

04 October 2016
PHT Falls Awareness Week

Today marked the beginning of Falls Awareness Week

03 October 2016
#hellomynameis Anne
28 September 2016
A young QA patient has been named ‘Inspirational Child’

Sam Merrick was one of hundreds of brave and inspirational youngsters

27 September 2016
Best People Awards 2016

The finalists are revealed...

27 September 2016
flu jab
Get your flu vaccinate!

Today marked the start of our annual drive to vaccinate our staff against flu

26 September 2016
Tabitha then 2
15oz baby celebrates third year at school for NICA Month

For Neonatal Intensive Care Awareness (NICA) Month, we’re sharing the story of one of QA’s smallest ever babies.

26 September 2016
Robert knott

On the 14th and 15th September, Robert Knott from Gosport bravely took part in a world record attempt for the most weight deadlifted in 24 hours.

26 September 2016
Lost bunny

Is this your lost bunny?

23 September 2016
cardiac screening
Cardiac screening day

Come along to the hospital for a free cardiac screening day

20 September 2016
prayer and praise poster
Join the hospital chapel for Prayer and Praise

Every Thursday from 1-1.30pm.

14 September 2016
Jackie davis sepsis
World Sepsis Day - survivor story

To support World Sepsis Day, we’re telling the inspirational story of QA midwife Jackie Davis.

13 September 2016
qubit 3
Grateful family raise money for cancer research projects at QA

£2,680.88  has been raised.

12 September 2016
mission COPD
PHT shortlisted for national HSJ Awards 2016

A Trust initiative has been shortlisted three times for the national Health Service Journal awards for work to improve lives of those with airways diseases.

12 September 2016
children's bubbles fund
QA Nurse raises £1,000 for children's charity

We would like to say a big thank you to Claire Bebbington, a Paediatric Staff Nurse here at QA for organising a raffle within her Department.

08 September 2016
Suspended Junior Doctors' strike

Hospital statement regarding the suspended Junior Doctors' strike

05 September 2016
holding nursing covers
Ickle Pickles nursing covers

Thank you to Ickle Pickles for the donation of some new Nursing Covers

05 September 2016

How will you start the conversation?

05 September 2016
Nicole gala dinner
“I could never thank my dad/donor enough for giving me a second chance at life"

Nicole was only aged three when she was given a devastating diagnosis

03 September 2016
Toys and gifts were donated to the Children’s Ward at QA Hospital

More than £400 worth of toys and gifts were donated by a young girl

02 September 2016
annual report cover
Annual Report 2015-16
01 September 2016
Junior Doctors' strike

Hospital statement regarding the junior doctors' strike between 12 and 16 September 2016

01 September 2016
F1 Ward has celebration

F1 Ward are now the proud owners of a new cooker thanks to donations of former patients

01 September 2016
lord mayor
Un-wanted gifts needed

For Lord Mayor's Appeal

26 August 2016
Today is National Dog Day!

Today is National Dog Day, and we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate the wonderful contribution of our therapy dogs.

26 August 2016
SSE fundraise for QA's elderly patients

Staff from SSE and Accenture, based in Havant have raised £500 for Queen Alexandra Hospitals, Medicine for Older Peoples Wards.

25 August 2016

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