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Chief Executive Weekly Message - 20 April 2018

On Monday evening I took part in the Portsmouth CEO Sleepout event along with leaders from across the Portsmouth public sector and business community to highlight the issue of homelessness and raise money for local charities in Portsmouth who support those in need.

23 April 2018
Chief Executive Weekly Message - 15 April 2018

On Monday, I was delighted to give a very warm welcome to 51 new recruits to PHT at one of our regular Trust induction sessions. I was able to meet staff from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines who will now join teams across the organisation

16 April 2018
Chief Executive Weekly Message - 06 April 2018

Over the Easter weekend I spent time visiting departments across the Trust and it was clear that the flow of patients through the hospital has greatly improved.

06 April 2018
Chief Executive Weekly Message - 29 March 2018

Yesterday we received the fantastic news that we will benefit from a share of £17.3million allocated by the Government to invest in local health services across Hampshire.

03 April 2018
Chief Executive Weekly Message - 15 March 2018

Yesterday I was delighted to welcome Professor Michael West to the Trust to open our first leadership summit and support the launch of our new cultural change programme. Michael spoke passionately about the importance of leadership in defining an organisation’s culture and in particular he emphasised the role of compassionate leadership.

16 March 2018
Chief Executive weekly message - Friday 9 March 2018

Following last week’s cold weather the hospital has continued to experience peaks of pressure in the Emergency Department. Whilst we have been able to respond to the surges in demand and recover more quickly than we would have been able to some months ago, it has been a very challenging time and I am grateful for the efforts of all those who have continued to support improvements in this area.

09 March 2018
Chief Executive Weekly Message - 02 March 2018

We are in the midst of a challenging few days as we deal with the extreme weather conditions we have seen across the country and have experienced locally

05 March 2018
Chief Executive Weekly Message - 26 February 2018

On Friday we hosted a visit from NHS Improvement’s Medical Director and Chief Operating Officer, Dr Kathy McLean. Kathy spent time in the Emergency Department and AMU. She also visited maternity and our NICU unit as well as hosting a meeting with a range of staff from across the hospital.

26 February 2018
Chief Executive Weekly Message - 16 February 2018

In the Health Service Journal this week we were highlighted as one of only eight Trusts in the country to have achieved all three of the efficiency targets set out in the Carter Review.

19 February 2018
Chief Executive Weekly Message - 9 February 2018

Today I had the pleasure of attending our first Trust wide patient safety conference. During the event there were numerous examples of patient safety and quality improvement excellence here at the Trust and I was delighted to see so much progress on such an important agenda as we strive to deliver safer and more effective care for every patient.

09 February 2018
Chief Executive Weekly Message - 2 February 2018

This time of year can have the reputation of being less favourable for some but in the last couple of weeks I have had the pleasure of being involved in some really positive and uplifting initiatives which I want to share with you. 

05 February 2018
Chief Executive Weekly Message - 25 January 2018

My message comes to you a day early this week and follows on from my words last week highlighting the need to take prompt action to address our financial situation. Today we have put forward a revised financial target to the Board for approval which means we will end the current financial year with a deficit of £36.8million.

26 January 2018
Chief Executive Weekly Message - 19 January 2018

In a week where the headlines have been dominated by news of Carillion, I would like to pay special tribute to colleagues in our Facilities Management services. Following the announcement on Monday, each and every member of support staff has continued to come to work, ensuring that there has been no disruption for our patients.

22 January 2018
Chief Executive weekly message - 12 January 2018

As the week has progressed we have seen some improvement in the capacity within the hospital which has been the result of an enormous amount of work across all departments and among our local partner organisations. Whilst I suspect things will continue to be challenging for a number of weeks ahead, this demonstrates what can be achieved by everyone pulling together.

15 January 2018
Chief Executive weekly message - 05 January 2018

I would like to start by wishing you a very happy New Year. I hope that you had some time over the festive period to relax and enjoy time with family and friends.

08 January 2018
Chief Executive's weekly message - 24 December 2017

Following a challenging start to the week, there has been a tremendous team effort to rally around and respond to the emerging winter pressures. We have seen the incidence of Flu increase over the past two weeks and we know this will increase further over the weeks ahead. If you have not yet had your Flu jab, I would encourage you to do so as soon as possible through our Occupational Health team.

27 December 2017
Chief Executive's weekly message - 17 December 2017

I need to start by acknowledging the enormity of the pressures we have been dealing with this week and thanking each and every one of you for the role you have played in responding to them. This is the time of year when we start to see patients presenting with a variety of seasonal related conditions and when plans are put in place across the local system to deal with the additional pressures.

18 December 2017
Chief Executive's weekly message - 10 December 2017

We’ve had a number of visitors to the QA site this week, all of whom have been keen to hear about the improvements we are making and our preparations for winter. On Thursday, Philip Dunne MP and Minister of State for Health visited along with one of our local MPs, Penny Mordaunt - recently appointed Secretary of State for International Development. The Minister for Health met with a group of front-line staff in order to hear more about what it’s like to work here at Portsmouth. The feedback from the Minister was positive and I’d like to thank those who were involved in planning and participating on the day.

11 December 2017
Chief Executive's weekly message - 02 December 2017

As you will have seen from the note I circulated on Thursday and the media coverage yesterday, the CQC published their report into our Radiology service following a review undertaken in July of this year.

04 December 2017
Chief Executive's weekly message - 26 November 2017

I would like to start by congratulating all of those who were nominated or received awards during this year’s Best People awards.  Representatives from 49 different teams attended the Guildhall on Thursday and it was an honour to recognise so many people identified by colleagues and patients for their individual or team achievements.  I took the opportunity to thank all staff working at the Trust for their hard work and their commitment to delivering the very best care for every patient each and every day. 

27 November 2017
Chief Executive's weekly message - 17 November 2017

Many of you will know we have had a very challenging week this week due to sustained urgent care pressures. At the early part of the week we experienced severe pressures in our ED with some patients experiencing very lengthy waits to be admitted and an unacceptably long wait for ambulance handovers. 

20 November 2017
Chief Executive's weekly message - 12 November 2017

On Monday I had the pleasure of presenting an update on our Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) at a further public meeting in Portsmouth. The meeting was very well attended, with a great deal of interest from members of the public to hear about the challenges we face, the progress we are making with our QIP and our plans for the future. Such discussions allow an honest and frank debate about our commitment and determination to deliver the very best care for every patient. I look forward to attending the next round of meetings in 2018.


13 November 2017
Chief Executive's weekly message - 5 November 2017

I had great pleasure in meeting more of you at Monday’s Meet Mark session.  Thank you to those who attended and shared examples of changes that they had made that they were proud of, whether they were for the benefit of patients or staff or both.  It is really important that we make time to reflect on the positive interactions we make each day, as these can often be forgotten as we focus on the challenges.

06 November 2017
Chief Executive's weekly message - 29 October 2017

This has been a busy week for the Trust and as a result, for many of us. I was delighted to visit colleagues who are based at Rodney Road and Mitchell Way on Monday. It was a great opportunity to meet with members of our staff who are based on two of our peripheral sites, yet provide a critical role to the functioning of the whole Trust each and every day. In response to the feedback on the day, I will be holding a discussion forum at Rodney Road on a periodic basis and there will be a meeting held there involving the full executive team in the very near future.

30 October 2017
Weekly Message - 23rd October 2017

Last Saturday we hosted our annual Open Day, which was my first since joining the Trust. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and I would like to extend my thanks to those of you who helped plan and coordinate the day and to those who gave their time to showcase the great work that goes on every day in our organisation. It was also a huge privilege to meet with some of our patients, past and present, and also some of your family members who attended the day. The feedback was positive from our visitors, young and old, and I am already looking forward to the next one.


24 October 2017
Weekly Message- 16th October 2017

Our priority is to always ensure we maintain the safety of our patients and I would like to convey my thanks to you all for your efforts in responding to the situation so effectively.


18 October 2017
Weekly Message - 6th October 2017

Every single NHS Trust is preparing for winter and we are taking measured and proactive steps to ensure we’re in the best possible shape for the months ahead.

09 October 2017
Blog - 4th October 2017

For the time being the blog has been created to provide an update on the progress against the 100 day plan which was developed to support my introduction to the Trust. A copy of the plan can be found here.

04 October 2017
Weekly Message - 29th September 2017

I began this week having the opportunity to talk about our Fab Change Day, on Monday.  I met many members of our team and heard more about their ideas and successes to deliver improvements and innovations to make improvements for our patients and our staff. 

29 September 2017
Weekly Message - 22nd September 2017

This week has been another eventful week for us all as we prepare for the winter period which lies ahead and continue to drive improvements to the quality of care we provide for all of our patients. I am pleased to share some highlights with you today.

25 September 2017
Blog - 15th September 2017

Hello and welcome to my fortnightly blog.

15 September 2017
Weekly Message - 15th September 2017

It has been a busy and challenging week for us all.  The autumnal weather, reminding us that winter is on its way, coincided with a surge in demand on our urgent care pathway.  This placed even greater pressure on many departments across the Trust and many of you.

15 September 2017
Weekly Message - 8th September 2017

It has been another busy week for us all.  We held out Annual General Meeting on Thursday and whilst AGMs are all about reporting and reflecting on the previous year, I was pleased to be able to share my vision of the Trust for the next six months.

08 September 2017
Blog – 1st September 2017

I have been in the Trust for five weeks now and today is my 33rd day of my first 100 days in post.   I continue to enjoy meeting staff and listening to the things that are going well, and the areas we need to improve. There has been a great sense of energy within all of our discussion groups and I thank those who attended and contributed to the discussion.  In my weekly message this week, I have taken the opportunity to highlight some areas of best practice.

01 September 2017
Weekly Message - 1st September 2017

Hello and welcome to my weekly message.

I hope you all enjoyed the unusually sunny bank holiday weekend, thank you to those of you who were here working hard and caring for our patients over the long weekend. 

01 September 2017
Weekly Message - 25th August 2017

You will be aware that the Care Quality Commission (CQC) published their report into emergency, urgent and medical services at Queen Alexandra Hospital yesterday.  It has created much debate on social media channels within our community and much discussion within our teams.  I am grateful for the continuing support of our public and patients, while we continue to deliver improvements to patient care and experience. 


25 August 2017
Blog - 25th August 2017

I have been Chief Executive of this Trust for four weeks now and this week was always going to be challenging. Our CQC report into emergency services and medical care made for very tough reading yesterday, when the CQC published it.  I was ready for difficult conversations with colleagues, key partners and, of course, the media.

25 August 2017
Mark Cubbon
Blog - 18th August 2017

I have been in the Trust for three weeks now and I’ve enjoyed meeting so many staff and listening to the things that are going well, and the areas we need to improve. 

18 August 2017
Weekly Message - 18th August 2017

Hello and welcome to my weekly message.

I have had yet another productive week, meeting with many of you and having an opportunity to visit colleagues in Medicine and AMU, in addition to my regular walkabouts. 

18 August 2017
Mark Cubbon
Blog - 11th August 2017

I am delighted to have joined Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust in this new role, which started on 31 July.  As part of my recruitment I met with many staff working across the Trust, directly employed and supporting us through facilities management and working alongside us in the Defence Medical Group (South).

15 August 2017
Mark Cubbon
Weekly Message - 11th August 2017

I want to thank you all again for your very warm welcome to the Trust as I have spent another fulfilling week meeting many of you on my regular ‘walkabouts’.  Thank you also to those friendly colleagues who have helped provide directions while I was navigating our site.

11 August 2017
Mark Cubbon
Weekly Message - 4th August 2017

Hello and welcome to my first weekly message to you all.

I have had a busy, but thoroughly enjoyable, first week in post as your new Chief Executive, and would like to thank you for your very warm welcome.

09 August 2017

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