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Listening into Action

 Our mission…

To fundamentally shift how we work and lead, putting staff - who know the most - at the centre of change

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We continue on our Listening into Action (LiA) journey with vigour. Our aim being to fundamentally shift how we work and lead by putting clinicians and staff at the centre of change for the benefit of our patients, our staff and the organisation as a whole. Teams are coached through a ‘journey’, which begins with a clear view of how they are performing today, and takes them through a step-by step process to engage all the right people, identify the biggest opportunities for improvement, and deliver measurable outcomes.

The Core Sponsor group of 14 active members, led by the Chief Executive Officer is well established and working pro-actively, setting a fast pace and unblocking the way for teams. Our journey began with a Staff Pulse Survey to gauge how valued and engaged staff felt and to judge the climate for change.

Six big staff conversations took place in May 2013, a rich mix of around 400 staff from across the Trust attended to share their views about what will make the biggest difference going forward. Themes were identified regarding ‘what matters to staff’ and ‘making things better for patients’. Fourteen teams each led by a committed clinician, a nurse and an operational manager ‘pioneered’ the LiA methodology to address areas for improvement. Widespread actions have followed, which include;

  • an improvement in the efficiency of Portering journeys to and from the Imaging Department
  • the identification and initiation of an additional ultrasound room resulting in more patients being scanned
  • improvements in the speed of the availability of test results in Vascular Imaging
  • earlier identification of patients who are fit to leave hospital
  • a centralised referral document which has improved the speed of patient referrals within the Trust
  • more training on electronic clinical information systems for clinical staff
  • a re-drafted care Plan in the Medical Assessment Unit that better meets the needs of our patients
  • embedded our values into our people policies such as recruitment and performance review
  • improved signposting on the Queen Alexandra site
  • adopting the ‘#hellomyname is’ campaign to ensure that all staff introduce themselves to patients

Within the LiA methodology is the idea of a ‘Quick Win’, this is a high impact action that can be taken almost immediately to address an area of concern or to make a significant high impact improvement. So far there have been more than twenty Quick Wins that have immediately benefited both patients and staff which include;

  • the introduction of the Nurse in Charge badge
  • Patient Pagers in outpatient departments
  • dementia awareness training for the Security Team
  • an Information Technology drop in session
  • moving patient seating in the main reception so that patients, carers and relatives can see when their lift or taxi has arrived to collect them
  • the ‘Please take me back to the nearest reception scheme’, whereby all Trust staff take responsibility for lone wheelchairs and return them so that they are available for patient use. 

Quick Wins will continue to happen on a monthly basis and are communicated to all staff.

Our Chief Executive Officer was proud to host two ‘Pass it on’ events in December 2013 where key stakeholders were invited to celebrate Portsmouth’s Listening into Action journey and heard directly from the teams themselves about their inspiring stories. At this inspirational event the ‘Pioneer’ teams passed on the staff led change ‘baton’ to a further twelve teams who have begun their own journey to make things better for patients. Smaller showcase events, which celebrate and share our successes, take place on a quarterly basis in public areas.

The local adoption of LiA is starting to spread and this methodology is now being used to replace some formal meetings. There is a real ‘buzz’ around the place and everyone has heard of LiA with the Pioneers and next teams engaging the right people in their own staff conversations with success stories and Quick Wins continuing to happen on a monthly basis.

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Quick Wins

Quick Wins are a series of high impact, highly visible, high impact actions which can be implemented quickly – to help get some rapid improvements and convince you that we mean business! Some have already been actioned, more are on the way! 

Our quick wins will be listed here as we work through them:

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