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Chief Executive weekly message - Friday 9 March 2018

Chief Executive weekly message - Friday 9 March 2018
09 March 2018

Dear colleagues,

Following last week’s cold weather the hospital has continued to experience peaks of pressure in the Emergency Department. Whilst we have been able to respond to the surges in demand and recover more quickly than we would have been able to some months ago, it has been a very challenging time and I am grateful for the efforts of all those who have continued to support improvements in this area. Against this backdrop we launched a focused initiative on Monday to reduce the length of time patients are waiting in ED prior to discharge from the department. This important initiative aims to drive down waiting times for a much larger group of patients to in our ward areas, providing timely discharge and improvements in their experience. 

Dr Mark Roland, Deputy Medical Director, has kindly agreed to be clinical lead for this work supported by CSC leadership teams and many frontline staff.

Next week we will be launching a consultation on the restructure of our Clinical Service Centres and I met with those affected this week to describe what this could look like. The restructure proposes an alignment of clinical services to divisions and is aimed at helping us create the conditions for improved performance as well as promoting better team working and clearer accountability. This will be the first restructure for eight years and gives us a positive opportunity to change how we work. You will hear more about the details once the consultation has concluded. The restructure is focused on the senior leadership team and whilst no-one has been placed at risk of redundancy, please be mindful that your colleagues will be undergoing a period of change 

On Monday I visited St Mary’s hospital and met with the teams from Dermatology and the Physiotherapy Unit. I was hugely impressed by both teams for their absolute pride in their service, their ambition to build on their successes, and their focus on providing the very best care for our patients. Thank you to all involved 

As you will have seen from my note earlier in the week, the NHS staff survey results were revealed this week and there was much to take heart from in our feedback, especially given the leadership changes over the past couple of years. However we are not complacent and we know that we have more work to do, focusing on some specific areas of feedback. 

The quality of our appraisals was one area in which our key finding score reduced this year and whilst the reduction was small we must not lose sight of how important the annual appraisal is for all of us. Not only is it an opportunity for you to take stock and reflect on the achievements of the past year, but it is also crucial in working with your manager to identify areas where you need further support and development to help progress your career while understanding the individual role you play in the delivery of Trust objectives. We want to ensure you are the best you can possibly be so I have a request for two groups of staff;  if you are a manager please make time to ensure you can have a meaningful discussion and appraisal with your teams; and I encourage all members of staff to approach their line manager for an appraisal if you have not had one in the past year. 

As a final note, as you may suspect, I receive direct correspondence from patients each week providing feedback on the care they receive at our Trust, where this has exceeded expectations and where there are opportunities for us to make improvements. This week, I have received a number of moving accounts from patients who have named individual members of staff who have made a real impact on their care and experience. It is a huge privilege to receive them, but a better one to forward them on to the services and staff concerned.

Thank you for all you do, every day, to put our patients first.



Mark Cubbon

Chief Executive

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Tel: 023 9228 6770

Email: mark.cubbon@porthosp.nhs.uk


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